Although fragrance is a very personal thing for people, I’m pretty sure this lineup is one you all may love.

I’m not the pickiest of fragrance people, but I do know when I do and don’t like a scent. I wouldn’t go for something I didn’t think would suit me for instance, but I’m one that loves quite a few different types of scents, depending on my mood.

For the evenings I love something a little musky, sexy but fierce.

Then, for the daytime I switch between fruity or floral. It just depends what I’m feeling. Typically, my favourite scent is a sweet(ish) floral. Something quite feminine and classic with a sophisticated twist, you know?

*Enters the range with a little something for everybody*

Ted Baker are a brand largely known to be an iconic fashion brand. A brand with a lot of class, flare and fun, which I think is an exact representation of their newest fragrance launch.

Welcome the re-launch of their Sweet Treats collection.

I was introduced to the new collection at the end of last week after being very kindly invited with the Ted Baker team to an Afternoon Tea inspired by the Sweet Treats collection. The tea was held in the Dandelyan Bar in the Mondrian, which in my opinion couldn’t have been more perfect. With its pink plush sofas and golden minimalistic accents overlooking the River Thames on the Southbank, I couldn’t have felt more Ted Baker if I tried!

As well as the dreamy interior, the food and drinks lived up to those standards. We were treated to a whole mix of sandwiches and sweet treats (including my fave, macaroons) and classic cocktails and prosecco. I couldn’t help but have a cheeky G&T to!

The new line is full of its original class, femininity and modern sense of purpose but with more glamour than before. Not only have the fragrances made a comeback with a bang, the new packaging is just to die for! The fragrance is now packed away in nude, pink and black luxurious bottles with the classic Ted rose gold accents.

As the range says, generic accutane pharmacy each scent is made with a personality behind it. My favourite being Mia, a gorgeous soft floral rose fragrance bursting with sophistication and warmth. Its other floral note is freesias and it’s blended with fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrants, which makes the perfect soft but seductive cocktail.

Then enters Poppy, the sweetest of them all with her fruity girlish charm. The top notes of mandarin, berries and peach and beautifully blended with the likes of jasmine, honeysuckle and peony to add a bit of extra fruity romance. I love how the fragrance is blended with vanilla to as it gives it that soft but super sweet finish. This is one I’d wear in the daytime for that really girly feel. It’s not sickly sweet either, there’s the right balance of fruits and floral undertones to give it a bit of that youthful but charming girl-next-door vibe.

If you’re into muskier more classic scents, then Ella is your girl. This one, last but not least, is the classiest most sophisticated scent of them all. Ella is a real cocktail infusion as she’s mixed with bergamot and cassis with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. This scent is so enticing, seductive and perfect for the evening. Dinners and nights out will certainly see this one coming with me. Ella is very fierce but still feminine with top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. So sexy and rich!

The Afternoon Tea at the Dandelyan Bar was the most perfect afternoon and I can’t feel more grateful and thank the Ted Baker team enough!

The fragrances come in a handbag friendly size of 30ml, retailing at £18 or a very generous 100ml for £30.

You can shop the range online and in-store at Boots and Ted Baker at the end of September (I will keep you updated with the exact date). Ted Baker have also got a range of Christmas gifts inspired by the fragrances to, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Ted personality are you?

Megan ?

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* This post contains gifted products *

Us fragrance lovers just know when a smell is for us. I have a fair few fragrances, all which are quite meaningful to me, as I only tend to choose and use scents that fit my personality. I think a fragrance can really say something about someone. My favourite scent is a fusion of flowers with a sweet but musky hint. One I’ve eyed forever and ever is the signature Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb original fragrance and I’ve wanted it since I can remember. But, they recently launched a new edition to the line called Flowerbomb Bloom* and it’s everything I could ever wish for.

This new scent is not as heavy as the original, I find it really light and feathery, but still bursts with fruity and floral flavours just the same. It’s a true spring fragrance that is fresh and sparkling with delicate fruity tones. This Eau de Toilette is laced with delicate pomegranate accord, bergamot and mandarin oils, which gives that real holiday feel. I can just imagine this on a summery trip away, you know that special scent that sits so well on sunkissed skin – god, I’m dreaming all right! Its scent is also intertwined with addictive musks like vanilla and patchouli, and the fruits, florals and musks all combined buy amoxil generic together make such a delicious combination.

The brand boasts how this scent has “evocative notes of a floral bouquet awaken your senses and transport you into Viktor & Rolf’s magical universe”, and quite frankly, it does. Also, with such a mix of bursting flavours I definitely see this fragrance taking me through to summertime. I just love how fresh and lightweight on the skin it is, which is perfect as always reach for airy scents during the summer months.

The iconic bottle is quite a precious object representing a diamond grenade; a luxurious weapon of glamour some might say. The bottle is very slim line and feminine, more slender than the original, and is one of those standout fragrances on anyone’s dresser. I adore the black wax Viktor & Rolf seal with the iconic ribbon attached laced with silver; it makes the fragrance feel so special. I am actually so over the moon I finally have a part of the Flowerbomb range in my collection and its already becoming a signature scent of mine, its just too hard to resist.

The perfume launched nationwide on the 1st March, and can be bought online here or in store at Debenhams, John Lewis, The Fragrance Shop and Boots.

Have you ever tried the Viktor & Rolf signature Flowerbomb range?

Megan ?