I sit here typing up this post listening to the Christmas Classics playlist on Spotify – a.k.a. the best playlist in existence – with my winter essential detox mask on that I just need to tell you about.

Each season brings a different skin issue for me, and throughout the colder months my main concerns are dullness and dry areas that cause blemishes. So of course a new mask on my winter skincare menu is a must and here’s my new favourite…

For a long while I had it stuck in my head that winter facemasks were all about the hydration gel masks, but how very wrong I was.

Welcome Bobbi Brown’s Instant Detox Mask, my new and very much loved companion.

My newest addition to my winter beauty essentials list is far from anything I typically use during the colder months.

A holy grail of mine used to be the GinZing mask from Origins, and although it would do the trick at hydrating and brightening the results would never last quite long enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the Origins mask is a good excuse to do a mask every few days, and you know me, I love a good pamper session at every excuse. But, it’s nice to have a mask in my life for these colder (may I add freezing) months that will last me a good week or more.

The Instant Detox mask uses a unique blend of Hawaiian Sea Water and Amazonian White Clay to help extract toxins and all the nasty gunk from your skin. Not only does it remove all impurities, it works magic on those irritating and hard to manage large pores.

For some reason my pores like to play me up more during the colder months. Maybe I just notice it more when the summer glow diminishes from my face, but lately they were really starting to get on my nerves. Although now, using this around once a week keeps that problem at bay. So far, so good!

After a few uses of this I saw a huge difference in both my pores as they were visibly reduced and also a brighter, softer and cleansed complexion as my skin felt uber soft like a baby’s bottom.

As this mask is for extracting and purifying, it is super important to ensure you hydrate your skin after. This gem deep cleanses and pretty much gives you that ‘been to the spa’ feeling for your face, so all you need to do is pop on your favourite moisturiser, serum and/or oil and you’re good to go.

It’s sleek tube packaging is easy to take away with you and the perfect solution to know how much you’ve got left. The squeezy tube is like nothing I’ve seen for a mask before and is something I actually really love about the product. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a favourite product and not knowing you’re about to run out is there. The squeezy tube means you can get every last bit out to, yay.

My favourite time to use this is in the evenings, usually in the bath (of course, where else?) and I pop on Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement straight after removing the mask to add instant hydration and nourishment. I’ll be speaking about this little gem in an upcoming post soon, don’t you worry. Sit tight, I’m pretty sure many of you will want to know about it if you love a naturally dewy and brighter complexion.

Although this is a clay mask, a type of mask known to usually be for oily skin types, this one is made for all. Lucky to as that means everyone can enjoy a bit of this goodness.

Shop this mask and many others here.

What is your winter detox essential?



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If like me you’re new to Japanese skincare, then I think this is something you’re going to love.

The Asian skincare market is for sure taking the lead in innovative and new products. I’m seeing more and more brands come through on Instagram and of course being a skincare lover, I couldn’t wait to trial it.

I was introduced to the Asian skincare trend by DHC, a leading cosmetics company in the Japanese skincare industry. DHC UK is a subsidiary brand of the original DHC Corportation and are known to be Japan’s number one skincare brand, which in my opinion is the best way to trial the market.

To be quite honest, I’ve never really thought about trialling skincare products from a whole other market. I’ve always stuck to what I know as that’s what I’ve felt comfortable doing. Picking out skincare products is a very personal thing as everyone’s skin is different and we all have our own preferences don’t we?

But after trialling out DHC I’m now questioning why I haven’t branched out into other industries sooner.

The DHC Deep Cleaning Oil* is one of their bestsellers and is now a must-have in my skincare routine. I fall in and out of love quickly with cleansing oils I must admit. After a few goes if I don’t like it, I push it to the back of my wardrobe. However, with this one, it has stayed at the front for sometime now.

What’s different about this one you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

DHC have enriched this formula with antioxidant rich Spanish olive oil, sounds a bit crazy right? But it really works.

The olive oil instantly dissolves all makeup, priligy online uk even waterproof, and leaves your skin cleansed, soft and hydrated within no time at all. I usually get in such a mess with cleansing face oils but with this one I don’t.

I dispense around 3 pumps in my fingertips before massaging it onto my skin and then rinse away with a warm flannel or cloth (they both work just as well). It also removes just the same with your hands to, but I feel a cloth gives a little exfoliation and really scrubs every single trace away. Once you add water to the formula, the oil transforms into a rich milky lather and feels incredible on the skin.

I don’t usually use oils for my eye makeup but this one works a treat and means I can remove my face makeup all at once. Works for me, as I hate faffing around taking my makeup off after a long day.

The difference with this oil and the others I’ve previously tried is that this one leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Some I’ve tried in the past have left me going to bed with a dry feeling on my skin and then the next morning, I wake up my dehydrated dull skin. Also, the magic about this cleansing oil is that it doesn’t leave behind any traces of oil or grease, so after using it you can go straight on with the rest of your skincare.

Want to introduce yourself to Japanese skincare? Check the range here.

Have you tried Japanese skincare before?

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You know those products that get constantly raved about in the ‘beautysphere’ and you um and uh about getting it, and then when you do eventually buy it you think how did I live without this? This product made me feel that exact way. It’s the Pixi Glow Tonic, an exfoliating facial tonic – something I’ve never seen anywhere else on the market before. I instantly fell in love with it and have used it everyday since, let me tell you why.

The Glow Tonic contains so many goodies for your priligy 90mg skin to tone, firm and tighten to reveal your skins natural radiance. As well as this, it exfoliates at the same time with glycolic acid by removing dead skin cells and dullness. It really works a treat for my tired skin. The ginseng improves circulation and energises whilst aloe vera soothes and hydrates. When applying you can literally feel it improving your skin within seconds, I love to use this in the morning mainly so I can look glowing for the rest of the day.

As it contains glycolic acid, you really only need this either AM or PM, or when your skin needs it. My skin copes really well using it both morning and evening, but what I love is that if you skip it one day your skin won’t suffer, as it’s a product that has long lasting effects. I knew I would get on well with this, as I love most products that can contain ginseng, I feel it really brightens and wakes up your skin and diminishes any dullness, which I suffer with quite often. As well as the Glow Tonic, I’ve been using another product alongside it that I’ve fallen head over heels for.

pixi glow tonic

It’s the Glow Mist, which has fast become a holy grail, and it’s just the product I’ve been after for a long long time. I love a good face mist, but ones I’ve tried before (which I still do love) and more for just hydration and a quick surge of freshness. However, this one is different. It’s different because it works in similar ways to the glow tonic, or even a really hydrating moisturiser. Although it’s a really fine mist, the mix of oils and liquid really do help to give you a natural glow, as well as being refreshing and hydrating. The formula is made up of 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts – it actually smells really nice, quite fruity but natural. If you suffer with dry skin, this is also a great makeup setter as it adds dewiness as well as hold – I have combination skin so I’ll just stick to using this as a skincare step. I was a little terrified that the oils would make me greasy, but it doesn’t at all and sinks into your skin instantly. You simply close your eyes and spray over your face and neck AM and PM.

These two products from Pixi are a match made in heaven!

Have you tried any Pixi Beauty products before?

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Trying new skincare can be quite daunting, especially when its something you’ve never used before or when you currently feel good about your skin. You just never know what could happen, and I feel like about everything I try. For the past few months I’ve been trialling a lot of different bits from Nip+Fab, an affordable drugstore brand with incredible ranges. The first thing I tried was their Cleansing Pads and since I knew I had to try more. Since, here are my must haves from the brand.

From their Dragons Blood Fix range I am I awe of the Hyaluronic Shot, which is essentially a serum/oil that you can apply alone or add to your moisturiser for an added boost of hydration. I love this stuff for those days my skin is feeling a little lack lustre, as it adds instant radiance and lasts all day. The Cleansing Pads that I mentioned as being my first product I’d tried from the brand is from this range, and this range is what made me fall in love. This is the perfect solution for dull skin as it brightens and hydrates instantly.

The next two products are from a different range, which is full of everyday products. It’s the No Needle Fix, which is an anti-aging skincare range that works to plump out your skin. Of course I don’t use this purely for its anti-aging properties, however it is good to start young. I use this to plump my skin to encourage and maintain a healthy glow with a brightened complexion. I use the Eye Cream, which is so cooling and hydrating. It does work to diminish the look of dark circles, but its main aim is to hydrate the area, which I find so important before applying makeup. Then another favourite, which I use when I feel I need it is the No Needle Fix Moisturiser that works to mattify your skin. I use this in the areas I feel I need it instead of all over, which is the T zone, as I like to maintain some dewiness for my everyday makeup base. These are both incredible products for the price and I can’t recommend them more to those wanting more for less.

I’m yet to try the Kale Fix range, as the products look so unique and interesting, I’ve never known ranges like Nip+Fab’s. They are stocked at Amazon, ASOS, Boots and Superdrug in the UK.

What drugstore skincare do you recommend?

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Looking after my skin is fast becoming a priority, I admit I used to be not fully into it, or lazy for that matter. However, since the colder weather has bombarded us I’ve been more into skincare than ever before. My favourite part of my beauty routine is exfoliating my skin; both body and face, so here are my favourites.

More often than not I opt for a lighter scrub, one with a fruity scent and light exfoliation beads. My absolute favourite for this is the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser, which is a super lightweight scrub that smells like citrusy heaven. For a more intense exfoliation, one for a pamper session or a long week is the Clinique Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser. This has slightly larger beads that also work to break down makeup. Although the beads are larger, both are as kind to the skin.

For a soft cleanser and one to cleanse as well as take off your makeup is the Eve Lom Cleanser. Its formulation is super light and contains Clove Oil and Egyptian Chamomile Oil that work to encourage clear skin and soften and soothe. You can remove this with a warm damp muslin cloth or flannel. Takes seconds to break down your makeup. If you love an intense scrub then I love the Magnitone Full Monty Brush. This 3-in-1 skincare brush deep-cleanses, tones and buffs the skin (both face and body). This is fab for in and out of the shower, and leaves buy cheap accutane usa your skin super soft and clear. For my face I use this 2-3 times a week, and tend to use harder vibrations for those days my skin just isn’t doing its thing. This particular brush was part of their Limited Edition Summer Collection, but there are so many other beautiful designs and colours. The Full Monty comes with 3 brush heads and 5 modes, so you can have anything from a light to intense scrub.

Speaking of multi-taskers, I love the Lush Let The Good Times Roll Exfoliating Scrub. This is much more of an intense scrub with bigger beads, and you can use this anywhere on your face and body. If you love gorgeous smells, this is your winner. It smells like sweet popcorn and it leaves your skin smelling amazing as well as feeling refreshed. I love to use this and remove with a warm flannel when I’m giving myself a ‘Lush pamper night’. My favourite lip scrub of the moment is also by Lush, it’s their Sugar Plum Fairy scrub, part of the Holiday Collection. It’s a purple scrub enriched with Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil and Sweet Wild Orange Oil, which gives off the most amazing sweet scent. I use this daily as I’m an avid liquid lipstick wearer, and it makes your lips as good as new. It smells so good you could eat it.

What products do you use for a good exfoliation?

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taking time for your skin
It’s all too easy to focus on your routinely facial skincare and then forget to concentrate on the rest of your body to, especially areas that need them as much your face. All of your body parts need the same treatment, and this doesn’t have to be tiring or seem like a chore. Just like your face, your body needs exfoliating, moisturising and cleansing more often than you think.



We all know how easy it can be to slip out of a routine, but instead of focusing on other tasks, focus on you. Just a few moments in the morning or evening can help. Why not try waking up a bit earlier each morning to have a soak in the bath with rejuvenating fragrances? This can help stimulate your brain and improve your mood for the day and nourish your body at the same time. Or, if that’s not for you, finishing wiring your brain earlier at night with technology and pamper yourself. Relaxing before bed without screens helps improve your sleep. Its something I try to do once or twice a week, but the more the better. I mean, most of us are guilty of too much buy cheap amoxil 250mg screen time!




Also, it’s important to remember that your hands and feet need love to. This is something I used to be extremely guilty of, never ever looking after my hands and feet. But why is it after a pedicure/manicure or having a hand or foot treatment can make you feel a million times better? My favourite thing is to put on overnights treatments; both of mine are from Soap and Glory. With foot treatments just pop on more than you need and slip on some socks, in the morning your feet will thank you.




The most simple and easy task for taking care of your body is taking a shower. This trick might sound a little weird but it really works to increase blood flow. Contrast showers also improve your energy and revitalise your body. If you don’t believe me, search it – you can find so many amazing benefits. It’s just like how people used to plunge into a cool pool after being in a sauna, it releases any tension and makes your body feel great.


What are your tips for making your body feel great?

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