This post has been one that has been in the making for a little while I must say.

I sat and thought good and hard about what beauty habits I will honestly take into the New Year with me, as it’s quite easy to say you’ll do these things but forget about them, right?

But, now that these habits have been with me a little while now and are my new found loves, I am 99.9999999% certain and I am very willing to stick to them.

First is very important as I put it right here at the top so I cannot forget about it.

Plaits (usually French braids), aka something I need more of in my life. It’s very rare I do anything different to my hair. You know when you get too comfortable with a style and cba to wear anything else, yep that’s me.

So, next year I’m bringing more plaits into my beauty routine. This means I may finally have to learn for myself, because my best friend can’t be on call everyday – or can she?). Anyone with any tips for how to do them yourself and not feel like your arms are going to fall off then please hit me up. I think they’re too cute and anyone can pull them off. I must try out some more variations and actually make an effort with my hair more often.

Fresher makeup. I started this year being the girl who would either go all out with makeup or nothing at all. Its taken me 21 years but I’ve finally got there. I now understand the love for fresher faced makeup.

I brought the love for ‘ heavy evening makeup during the daytime’ into 2017 with me and I’m for sure leaving it behind.

Everyday makeup is finally something I now experiment with – when I can be bothered to do a full face though may I add. I used to think if I was doing my makeup I had to do a smoky eye, winged liner, full contour – you get the idea, the whole works. It got tiring and I fell in love with fresher more minimal makeup.

I’ve found that less base products suits my face better than a full face and wearing less has made me feel more me. Honestly, that is something I never thought I’d say. A few years back I’d feel odd with just a bit of mascara on and would cringe at the fact of doing my makeup without applying foundation. Oh how that’s changed.

Wearing more minimal makeup is actually a blessing in disguise at the end of a long day to as it’s much quicker to remove. It has many benefits I have to admit.

You can see my current makeup routine here in my Winter Makeup Edit.

With fresher makeup I go onto the topic of skincare. I hope that a few skincare newbies and some I’m trying out this month will bring a new and better skincare routine. I came into 2017 with a lazy attitude towards my skincare and it didn’t exactly pay off. I thought I could get away with being quite laid back with it but it resulted in my skin feeling dull, blemish prone and also quite dry sometimes.

Next year I’m aiming to get together my holy grail line up of skincare products for morning and evening and stick to it! Ok, you read it here so it has to happen.

I’ve already found a few new favourites that I’ll be taking into the New Year with me. You can read about one of them here. I don’t go by the ‘New Year, New Me’ rule, I never have. So for now its new year, new skin and I like the sound of that. Brighter skin come at me.

Changing up my scents. Like my skincare routine, I got a bit lazy with my perfumes. As much as I love them, I’d stick to the same one day in day out and when your favourite runs out it’s not fun is it?

This isn’t the real reason I’m changing up my scents (because I’m scared of running out) I just feel a change of scent can really differ your mood for the occasion.

This is one I’ve only been doing for a few weeks now, but I found myself always spraying on the same perfume. Whether it was for an evening out, to pop to town and even for work I’d always grab the same one. I feel that changing up my scent is such a small thing and not necessarily a must people might want to read about but I’m sure theres a few of you out there guilty of the same thing.

Changing up my perfumes will differ my mood and using one a little bit more special for special occasions is what they’re for. I have gathered quite the collection from using the same one to it’s best I start opening them up.

Lastly is one I’ve spoken about before on here but it’s one I never thought I’d want to stick to. However, I am quite addicted to it.

Moisturising my entire body on a daily basis. As simple as this might be to those that have always done it, I know, I’m a bit late to the bandwagon. And for those who think wtf, can I really be bothered? Yes you can.

If it weren’t for my newfound gem I probably wouldn’t have stuck to it for so long. I use the Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser. Yes you read that right, a spray on moisturiser. It’s a dream come true.

This spray and go phenomenon is new to me this year it has made its way to being my favourite of all time very quickly. I spray what I need to over my entire body after a bath and rub it all in and its dry within 30-45 seconds, no longer. A miracle I tell ya.

I used to despise the waiting around for it to dry and putting on my clothes to soon and being all sticky. Thankfully, I’ve never had that problem with this. This one for sure is coming into 2018 with me (I’m never letting it go!).

What beauty habits do you see yourself taking into 2018 with you?


I sit here typing up this post listening to the Christmas Classics playlist on Spotify – a.k.a. the best playlist in existence – with my winter essential detox mask on that I just need to tell you about.

Each season brings a different skin issue for me, and throughout the colder months my main concerns are dullness and dry areas that cause blemishes. So of course a new mask on my winter skincare menu is a must and here’s my new favourite…

For a long while I had it stuck in my head that winter facemasks were all about the hydration gel masks, but how very wrong I was.

Welcome Bobbi Brown’s Instant Detox Mask, my new and very much loved companion.

My newest addition to my winter beauty essentials list is far from anything I typically use during the colder months.

A holy grail of mine used to be the GinZing mask from Origins, and although it would do the trick at hydrating and brightening the results would never last quite long enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the Origins mask is a good excuse to do a mask every few days, and you know me, I love a good pamper session at every excuse. But, it’s nice to have a mask in my life for these colder (may I add freezing) months that will last me a good week or more.

The Instant Detox mask uses a unique blend of Hawaiian Sea Water and Amazonian White Clay to help extract toxins and all the nasty gunk from your skin. Not only does it remove all impurities, it works magic on those irritating and hard to manage large pores.

For some reason my pores like to play me up more during the colder months. Maybe I just notice it more when the summer glow diminishes from my face, but lately they were really starting to get on my nerves. Although now, using this around once a week keeps that problem at bay. So far, so good!

After a few uses of this I saw a huge difference in both my pores as they were visibly reduced and also a brighter, softer and cleansed complexion as my skin felt uber soft like a baby’s bottom.

As this mask is for extracting and purifying, it is super important to ensure you hydrate your skin after. This gem deep cleanses and pretty much gives you that ‘been to the spa’ feeling for your face, so all you need to do is pop on your favourite moisturiser, serum and/or oil and you’re good to go.

It’s sleek tube packaging is easy to take away with you and the perfect solution to know how much you’ve got left. The squeezy tube is like nothing I’ve seen for a mask before and is something I actually really love about the product. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a favourite product and not knowing you’re about to run out is there. The squeezy tube means you can get every last bit out to, yay.

My favourite time to use this is in the evenings, usually in the bath (of course, where else?) and I pop on Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement straight after removing the mask to add instant hydration and nourishment. I’ll be speaking about this little gem in an upcoming post soon, don’t you worry. Sit tight, I’m pretty sure many of you will want to know about it if you love a naturally dewy and brighter complexion.

Although this is a clay mask, a type of mask known to usually be for oily skin types, this one is made for all. Lucky to as that means everyone can enjoy a bit of this goodness.

Shop this mask and many others here.

What is your winter detox essential?



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My favourite thing to do, as well as drink soy chai tea lattes, is to have some me time. Real me time doesn’t actually happen too often, as I’m always getting my head caught up in other not-so-fun ‘adulting’ things.

As much as anyone else, I had been craving some serious TLC and nothing better than a good old spa treatment to cheer me right up and get me feeling back to my old self.

You may have seen on my socials that recently I was very kindly treated to a spa treatment of my choice by Sanderson in their agua Spa, one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever visited in London.

The quirky 5-star West End boutique hotel is located just off of Oxford Street on Berners Street, and honestly you’d never think it. Just one step onto the road its located on, you’re surrounded with peace and quiet, and it really doesn’t feel like you’re smack bang in the centre and hustle and bustle of the city, which is how I think it should be. A hotel stay is all about peace and relaxation isn’t it? Then, if you do want to be back in the busy streets and shopping heaven, it’s literally a 3-minute walk back onto Oxford Street, so a pretty ideal location if you ask me. And, you get the best of both worlds.

Anyway, enough about that, you’re here to read about the beautiful spa indulgence right?

I was in two minds as to whether to go for a massage (as I seriously need it) or a facial. But, as soon as I saw there was an Eve Lom Facial Experience, I was pretty much sold. I’ve been using the Eve Lom Cleanser recently and was dying to try out more. The cleanser makes my skin feel incredible so of course I wanted to know what a whole facial using the products would make my skin feel like.

When I walked out of the lift into the agua Spa, I instantly felt zen. There was nothing but quietness, I’m pretty sure you could probably hear a pin drop. We were greeted and sat down in their chill out zone, a room of made up of white lengthy chaise lounge chairs, tall ceilings and beautifully thought out flower decor. I now have the idea that I want a huge still water piece with floating petals on the top, just like they did. It was so calming to look at and made the most gorgeous centrepiece. Everything was so intricate, still and peaceful, I never wanted to leave.

The changing rooms were the same. Quiet, glamorous and full of lush white decor, just how a spa should be.

What I loved most and made me feel like I’d died and gone to heaven was the ‘walls’. I say that in inverted commas as they weren’t real walls but white mesh fabric curtains hanging from ceilings to separate each room, and they are so high you can hardly see the top. It kinda felt like I was floating on the clouds, especially after the treatment.

As I say, I went for the Eve Lom Experience, a 90-minute facial including a décolletage, neck, shoulder and arm massage. I can’t put it into any other words than to say it was pure bliss. 90 minutes of solid relaxation that I would love to relive right about now.

Before the facial my masseuse, Sandy, talked me through what the facial will include and talked me through the Eve Lom products she will be using. When she said the treatment involved a hot wax peel I think my eyes lit up. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like getting a new layer of skin, one without dry patches, blemishes and dullness.

The treatment began with an exfoliation of the face and décolletage area with the well-known Eve Lom Cleanser. This product is so gentle on the skin; it almost feels like a fine sugar scrub and is infused with Egyptian Chamomile Oil, Clove Oil and Cocoa Butter that smells so delicious and fresh.

This was then followed by the hot wax treatment as mentioned above and then the extraction began. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this part. I’m a bit squeamish with spot popping squeezing any kinda junk from the face (excuse the tmi), but it was so enjoyable. After the treatment my skin felt 99% spot and blackhead free, which I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. I seriously want to get extraction done more often now, it’s amazing what a difference it can make.

After the hot wax and extraction Sandy moved on to the décolletage area, massaging the top of my chest followed by my neck and shoulders, and then my arms and hands for a good 15 minutes or so. I believe this is what sent me into that sleepy mode that happened not long after the cooling facemask was applied. When the cooling mask was applied to my face, I was left for around 5-10 minutes to relax and let the goodness soak into my skin. Although I say 5-10 minutes, I have to admit, I was so relaxed I fell asleep whilst the mask was on. The masseuse came back in the room and I didn’t realise until she started to remove the mask with warm cloths. I mean, that’s a sign of a good facial right?

Each time a new product was removed, it was taken off by the most amazing cleansing sponges which I now regret not asking about. They were almost fluffy in texture whilst exfoliating at the same time.

It’s honestly so hard to put into words how amazing the treatment was. I don’t know why, it’s just I need people to experience it so they can understand the true meaning of relaxation.

After the treatment I was taken to a relaxation pod, where I was soon greeted by the staff and brought some delicious food. I chose the Supergrain Salad with chicken and the Super Greens smoothie. A very green lunch indeed, but it was the perfect choice after such a peaceful treatment.

I left the Eve Lom Experience feeling as zen as ever with the softest skin, full of goodness and super happy. The signs of a much needed and successful pamper session I think.

Thank you so much to agua Spa and the Sanderson for having me. I will definitely be back!

You can check out this treatment as well as the others agua Spa have to offer here.

What would be your choice of a zen spa treatment?

Megan ♥


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The nights are getting darker, the air is getting chillier and you know what that calls for? More cosy nights in.

Don’t get me wrong, I had many cosy nights in throughout summer but when the autumn is here those nights feel that bit more special and a bit more needed. Don’t ya think?

I’ve recently rekindled with my fluffy socks and dressing gowns and become even more obsessed with an evening pamper. There’s nothing quite like a night-time pamper when the darker nights close in and this is a time when you can really indulge in those heavenly scented, moisture rich products.

My ultimate pamper session always involves a long warm bath, especially during the colder months. These pampers in the tub have kinda quickly become an evening ritual (maybe even an essential) and I can’t help but indulge. I much prefer to whip on a quick face mask and hop in the bath and get a good half hour or so’s worth of relaxation, rather than doing my nails and that kinda long winded stuff. Maybe that’s just laziness, but relaxing for me is when you allow yourself do the bare minimum and give yourself some TLC.

Typically for a mask at this time of year I’d go for something hydrating as well as maybe exfoliating and brightening. My favourites for that are the Lush Let The Good Times Roll, Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask or any from Origins (I find they do the best job at instantly hydrating my face).

Then onto the bath products I use, maybe my most favourite part of it all. I love to use richer products in the A/W months so that my skin gets all the moisture it needs and I find the sweeter autumnal scents tend to be thicker and creamier, so the more the merrier.


Now onto the best part, the in-the-tub essentials. My choice of bath-time bliss at the moment is to use a relaxing bath cream followed by some bubbles, usually a mixture of what’s on the side of the tub. I always shop for the bath filling products that say ‘relaxing’ for these kinda eves, it just feels right.

Then, for my fave part, the cleansing products. I absolutely cannot use anything else other than autumnal scents when it’s an autumnal pamper evening, it just makes sense doesn’t it?

At the minute my favourite to use is the Being by Sanctuary Salted Caramel and Macadamia Body Wash. Seriously, this stuff smells so good I wanna eat it. Since having this I’ve been eager to bake to, probably some salted caramel cupcakes – yum!

Once out of the tub I love to moisturise pretty much as soon as I’m dry and my go to is the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Moisture Spray. This stuff is not only hydrating but extremely fast drying, meaning I can snuggle in my pjs and dressing gown right away. I’ve got it all sussed haven’t I?

Every so often I like to go that extra step and indulge in a little body mist and pat myself down before moisturising. The Being by Sanctuary Water Lotus & Pomelo Body Mist is my spray of choice as it’s lightweight and again, fast drying, so I can get straight on with getting cosy.

I always always apply a hand cream after my bath, its a ritual of mine and ensures everywhere is hydrated and cared for. Another favourite from the Being by Sanctuary range is the Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom Hand Cream. Throughout the past few months before the Salted Caramel body wash came into my life, I swore by the Cloudberry body wash so it’s understandable why I love the hand cream.

Once the comfies are on, I’m settled down for the eve and with a fill in hand, my autumnal pamper session has put me in the mood to watch a film. Sounds good eh?

What is your favourite autumnal evening ritual?

Megan ♥


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September is here, autumn is coming but first, we need to talk about the latest Glossybox.

Now I’m no longer a student, September isn’t a time where I have to play around with my new stationary bits (although I do miss that). September is a time where I rejig my makeup bag and update my skincare routine ready for the autumn that will soon be here.

The September edition of the Glossybox* has brought me many new brands and beauty products I’ve never before tried, so it’s all pretty exciting.

First up, let’s talk about the latest and greatest beauty trend making its way through the beauty gurus of the Internet, the silicone blender. Glossybox have gifted each of their subscribers a Siligel Blender by STYLondon and I’ve been waiting ages to try this out for myself.

These have become popular in the beauty market for their hygienic promises. This is because the blender requires less foundation as it doesn’t absorb product like sponges do. You can use it to apply either cream or liquid products and whichever you decide to use you only need half the amount as usual.

From first impressions the blender is actually a lot softer that I thought it would be. It works the same as other beauty blenders do, in that you use the wide side for the larger areas of the face and the smaller edges for smaller areas. I applied a BB cream with this and I found it left a smooth and even finish, which to be honest I didn’t expect. As it said I only needed half the amount of product and I am so impressed with the finish. It does just feel a bit weird on the skin as opposed to a normal beauty sponge.

Now to discover the other four products in this months Glossybox…

When I opened up the box and saw Pixi by Petra inside, I was so happy. I hadn’t yet tried anything from the makeup so the Brow Tamer was my first insight into the range. I am obsessed.

Their Brow Tamer is transparent and is perfect for when I fill my brows in and don’t want to add any more colour. The gel formula is incredible at holding down those unruly hairs and they stay in place all day. It doesn’t dry hard like some do either as it leaves them feeling natural. Love!

For those who love an easy to follow skincare routine, Glossybox have got you covered with the Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio. I had never heard of this brand and when I did a bit of research I found out they use this backstage at catwalks shows! Good enough for models, then certainly good enough for me.

This kit comes with three mini-sized products to help you with cleansing and moisturising in three easy steps. The cleanser offers gentle cleansing by removing all the nastiness buy amoxil cheap from your skin without stripping away the skins protective oils. Its quite cooling on the skin so I find it really refreshing at the end of a long day, and you can use this on your hands, face and body. Step 2 is a Moisturising Cream is a face cream designed for normal to problematic skin. The formula is non greasy and quick to dry so I’d use this of a morning under my makeup. Then, step 3 is a Moisturising Lotion, which is designed for all skin types (even sensitive and dry) and is to be used on the body. Again, it’s fast drying and soothing on the skin to help with hydration levels.

Glossybox really are serious with helping you get all the skincare you need for the coming months. Another skincare product in the box is a beautiful facial oil from Monu Skincare. Monu Skincare is a UK based natural skincare brand who offer all sorts of beauty products from skincare to makeup. This facial oil contains plant oils that work their magic to protect, nourish and protect your skin. Its blend of Bois de Rose and Patchouli oils make the oil smell so calming and do in fact contain calming properties.

Monu recommend using this of in the evening so that you can wake up to refreshed and brighter skin. If you have drier skin then this could work in the mornings to as its lightweight and sinks into the skin fairly quick. I like to massage this into my skin in upwards-circular motions. After using this just a few times I already know it’s gonna be a winner for autumn!

Last but not least is a natural whitening toothpaste by Taylor’s 32. I don’t usually agree with whitening toothpastes, as a lot of them are either gritty or taste very strange. But this one feels, smells and tastes like regular toothpaste (with a little fruity grapefruit twist) and does an amazing job at cleaning your teeth and gums. From what I’ve tried so far, it does make your teeth appear pearly and white but this doesn’t seem to be a permanent whitening product. I think I’m really going to like this for making my teeth look and feel super clean on a daily basis.

The lovely team at Glossybox popped in a little sweet treat this month, which of course I had to eat straight after photographing it. My old favourite, a velvety smooth Kinder Bueno was sat at the top of the box when I opened it. Yum!

Want to get your hands on a Glossybox for yourself? You can shop the box here.

What skincare bits do you love for autumn?

Megan ?


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If like me you’re new to Japanese skincare, then I think this is something you’re going to love.

The Asian skincare market is for sure taking the lead in innovative and new products. I’m seeing more and more brands come through on Instagram and of course being a skincare lover, I couldn’t wait to trial it.

I was introduced to the Asian skincare trend by DHC, a leading cosmetics company in the Japanese skincare industry. DHC UK is a subsidiary brand of the original DHC Corportation and are known to be Japan’s number one skincare brand, which in my opinion is the best way to trial the market.

To be quite honest, I’ve never really thought about trialling skincare products from a whole other market. I’ve always stuck to what I know as that’s what I’ve felt comfortable doing. Picking out skincare products is a very personal thing as everyone’s skin is different and we all have our own preferences don’t we?

But after trialling out DHC I’m now questioning why I haven’t branched out into other industries sooner.

The DHC Deep Cleaning Oil* is one of their bestsellers and is now a must-have in my skincare routine. I fall in and out of love quickly with cleansing oils I must admit. After a few goes if I don’t like it, I push it to the back of my wardrobe. However, with this one, it has stayed at the front for sometime now.

What’s different about this one you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

DHC have enriched this formula with antioxidant rich Spanish olive oil, sounds a bit crazy right? But it really works.

The olive oil instantly dissolves all makeup, priligy online uk even waterproof, and leaves your skin cleansed, soft and hydrated within no time at all. I usually get in such a mess with cleansing face oils but with this one I don’t.

I dispense around 3 pumps in my fingertips before massaging it onto my skin and then rinse away with a warm flannel or cloth (they both work just as well). It also removes just the same with your hands to, but I feel a cloth gives a little exfoliation and really scrubs every single trace away. Once you add water to the formula, the oil transforms into a rich milky lather and feels incredible on the skin.

I don’t usually use oils for my eye makeup but this one works a treat and means I can remove my face makeup all at once. Works for me, as I hate faffing around taking my makeup off after a long day.

The difference with this oil and the others I’ve previously tried is that this one leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Some I’ve tried in the past have left me going to bed with a dry feeling on my skin and then the next morning, I wake up my dehydrated dull skin. Also, the magic about this cleansing oil is that it doesn’t leave behind any traces of oil or grease, so after using it you can go straight on with the rest of your skincare.

Want to introduce yourself to Japanese skincare? Check the range here.

Have you tried Japanese skincare before?

Megan ?


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Summer makeup for me really is all about that glow, that dewy sunkissed skin. To be honest though, I love a glow all year round, but summer time is when I feel I can go all out with the highlight products. The glowy (verging on oily) look can be blamed on the sunshine and the heat, right?


This year I have being seeing a lot of peachy vibes in the makeup scene. The peachy glow is a big hit for many and it certainly is for me. I’ve been using a lot of peach toned blushers, shadows and lip products but please welcome my new peachy glow obsession *mic drop*. It’s the Kiko Milano Highlighting Drops* from their Summer 2.0 in Plushy Rose, a stunning peachy pink liquid glow. I do love a good multi-tasking, and this is one of them. You can use this alone on the usual high points of the face (the cheekbones, cupids bow, nose, forehead) or mix it in with your primer or even your foundation.

Typically, glow drops are a golden/bronze shade so seeing them in such a pretty peach shade really got me excited. I may have let out a little squeal…

The formula of this is like none I’ve used before, as it’s a very fine fluid and is quite runny, but blends out with not much effort at all. Don’t let the fine liquid formula put you off, as you only need the tiniest amount of this and you’ll be super glowy. It blends great with the fingers or a sponge on its own, but if mixed in with another product I always use a sponge for a streak-free flawless base. You only need one to two drops of this with a foundation or primer, and the pipet applicator lets you accurately dispense the product without getting it everywhere.

You may already know this about me, but I’m all for glossy lips at the minute to. I need all the glow I can get in the warmer weather, I’m serious. The Summer 2.0 collection boasts a range of summer themed lip products, ones that can make your sun kissed look appear really glowy. I’ve been testing out the PH Lip Enhancer* in Rossetto to see what it can do for my small not-so-plump lips. All I can say is I needed this in my life a long doxycycline buy online time ago. I don’t usually like lipstick like balms but this is beautifully formulated. I use this alone as a balm or even over top a lip liner. It hydrates your lips whilst adding a slight tint and makes them feel and appear so juicy. It even makes my lips look plumper and that’s hard to come by. A serious must-have for holidays!


Now, here comes the most effortless highlighting range I’ve come across. I’m usually one for all the glow, but one those minimal makeup days I’ve finally found a highlighter I can use without it looking false. The Kiko Tropic Heat Dewy Stick* is the answer to a wet-look natural looking glow that I’ve been on the hunt for for a long time. As soon as I used this I feel in love. It almost feels and looks like a lip balm, but it’s a creamy clear dew stick for the face.

You can also use the Dewy Stick as a base for powder highlighters to make them pop and adhere better to the face.

I’m not usually one for a liquid glow pot, I don’t know why but they don’t sit right on my skin. However, I can seem to make the Kiko Illuminante Viso Face Highlighter* work. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful formula, it reminds me a little of the Topshop Glow Pots but is more lightweight. This is a similar formula to the Highlighting Drops as its quite runny but this is a little less fluid. Again, you can blend this with your fingers or a sponge. This is in the shade 01, a very pale pearl highlight, which is a little light for my skin but I’ve used this as a base for my highlight. I would love to try this in a darker shade as I usually go for bronze toned highlighters as I have a slight warm yellow undertone.

The Kiko Milano summer beauty products are seriously giving me sun kissed glowy skin vibes – I’m in awe of it! If you desire a true summer glow, you may want a little look at the other bits in the range to. You can shop it here.

What kind of glow do you love?

Megan ?

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I can finally say, the summer is here *hurrah*. It’s been a long time coming here in the UK to be able to say the summer is actually here. In between the odd few rainy cloudy days, we’ve been having some beautiful sunshine and warmer weather, and that means switching up my skincare routine.

Generally, I do tend to switch up my skincare between seasons. As I try new products on a regular basis, it’s only normal to change it up when I find new products that I love. It’s also nice to have a much lighter skincare ritual when the warmer weather comes around. Lighter moisturisers and face mists come out to play and I’ve really nailed my skincare favourites this year.

Of a morning I like to keep my skincare quite minimal, and I always start the day with splashing my face with icy water. It just helps wake me up and makes my skin feel fresh and ready to go. First things first, I like to tone my skin and make it tighter, more radiant and refreshed and for that I use the Pixi Glow Tonic. This toner works to brighten and smooth the skin with its exfoliating particles that come from the wonderful ingredients inside, including Glycolic Acid.

To nourish the skin I switch between two products. My first choice being Nip+Fab’s Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot*, which is essentially a lightweight serum that works to hydrate the skin in an instant. I find this a must in the morning to add some life back into my skin and to also add luminosity. If I don’t use this and want a more perfected finish I use the Nanoblur* from Indeed Laboratories. This is an instant correcting and blurring product that I like to use when my pores are feeling a bit problematic. It works to smooth the appearance of the skin and is great for makeup prep.

I ALWAYS finish off my summer skincare with morning routine the Pixi Glow Mist, which I have to say is probably my holy grail skincare product of the moment. Oh how I wish I’d found this sooner.

Now, onto the evening routine that is very different in comparison to the colder months. I hate going to bed feeling sticky. Instead, I like a light fresh feel so that my skin can breathe and regenerate buying ventolin online throughout my sleep. To start I always use the Garnier Micellar Water, whether or not I’m wearing makeup to cleanse the skin of dirt and makeup. I’ve used this for every season for around two years now and is a product I’ll never give up on. It removes all makeup and its just so quick and easy to use.

To get down and dirty and really cleanse my skin I’ve got two options depending on what my skin needs. For a gentle exfoliation I go for the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser, which contains teeny tiny beads to scrub away the excess oils and dirt in your skin. If I want a deeper exfoliation and cleanse I’m loving the Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush*. This is a cheaper alternative for the Foreo devices and it works just the same. The sonic pulsations work to I use this with a gel or oil cleanser – Clinique’s Take The Day Off works extremely well.

If you like a skin peel mask, or a second cleanse, I’d go for the Urban Decay Pore Refining Peel* or the Pixi Peel & Polish that you can read all about here. Peeling products are great for a fast but effective way to refresh and renew your complexion.

As I’ve said, I love a facial mist but in the evening I like to use a calming version. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is perfect for the evenings as it contains Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, which all contain skin calming properties. It smells relaxing, feels relaxing and revitalises my skin ready for the next step.

Instead of an evening moisturiser in the summer I like to use a lightweight oil as I feel it works wonders over night and feel a lot fresher on the skin. An overnight oil also does amazing things for your skins radiance. My staple is Decleor’s Aromessence Neroli Amara* as its incredibly hydrating and luxurious but gentle and light on the skin. I rub two to three drops in my palms before patting all over the face and that’s me done and ready for some beauty sleep!

What are your summer skincare essentials?

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With a flawless base being a must in my makeup routine, the right products are essential. I used to be one for a full coverage base, but now I like to go as light as possible whilst being dewy, flawless and effortless. Minimal makeup is my favourite for the warmer weather, but having base products that can take you from minimal to max glam is always a win.

I’m quite enjoying wearing just concealer at the minute, and with Benefit recently re-designing their Boi-ing Concealer range*, I’ve now got everything I need for that love. The new products come in the prettiest packaging I’ve ever laid my eyes on. As soon as I saw it, I needed it. I’ve never tried their concealer before, so this post is a bit of a first impressions and insight into the newly designed concealers. Whether you prefer light minimal makeup or full glam, I’ve got something for you.

Benefit really do go all out on their packaging. I mean, just look… *tonnes of heart eye emoji’s).

Let’s start with where it all began, the orginal Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. This is a product I’ve wanted to put to the test for the longest time, as so many beauty gurus rave about it. If you love a full coverage concealer that works its wonders are hiding even the heaviest duty dark circles and blemishes whilst being invisible to the eye, then you’ll love this. Not only is this formula unbelievably creamy and easy to blend, it stays put all day long without creasing – that’s a big thing for a full coverage concealer! I can really on this beauty if I’m heading out for a full day, as I know it’ll last and I don’t need to worry. I tend to use this under the eyes to hide my much loathed (and very) dark circles and also to spot conceal as it disappears and covers everything with a matte skin-like finish.

If you’re all about an airbrushed finish and only have a few imperfections you wish to hide, I highly recommend the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer. This is lighter weight that the original and also gives a sheer to medium coverage, depending on how much you build it. I like this for makeup free or minimal days because of its soft-focus virtually undetectable finish. Although this has incredible staying power, I do pop this one in my handbag as its great for touch ups throughout the day if you need it. I think this one is my personal favourite, due to its super doxycycline 100mg buy lightweight feel and effortless airbrushed finish.

For those who like or only need a very light sheer coverage, the Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer (used to be known as Fakeup) is perfect for that. It works the same as any of the above products, as it conceals dark circles and even smooths fine lines, but its very light coverage. I don’t particularly think you can build this concealer like you can the others, but after all it is for a sheer coverage. Out of all the Boi-ing concealers, I find this the creamiest and most hydrating formula, and its infused with Vitamin E and apple seed extract that almost feels like a hydra-smoothing eye cream, but with coverage. It comes in a stick, with the concealer being in the middle and the hydrating formula encasing it. This really is so soothing to put on under the eyes.

Last but not least is the new Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, previously known as Erase Paste, another always spoken highly of in the beauty books. Similar to the Industrial Strength Concealer, this is quite full coverage but creamy, but this works more like a colour corrector. Whichever shade you are, this contains brightening melon undertones that work to correct under eye circles and also blemishes. If I’m really suffering with dark under eyes, I will choose this one. It works wonders for those sleepless nights and the melon/orange undertone leaves your face looking radiant. Seriously, you can say goodbye to those dark under eyes.

I sometimes use the Brightening Concealer over the top of the original Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer when I’m going for full glam, as the first conceals, then this conceals but brightens at the same time. They work really well together and don’t go cakey if you apply just a small amount, which is all you really need.

I’m in the shade No.2 and the range comes in many shades variants for all skin types. I really dig the diversity of these products and I get so much use out of each and every concealer.

To apply each of these concealers, I highly recommend a blending sponge. I’ve been using the mini Real Techniques blenders, with the narrow tip being perfect for the eye area and the larger end being great for blemishes and larger areas of the face.

These concealers are now available to buy in-store and online at Benefit counters and Boots.

What are your concealing desires? Which Boi-ing concealer pulls at your heartstrings?

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Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to a new Sunday Skincare post. With beauty being huge passion of mine, I never thought skincare would be up there with makeup products. When I first started my blog all I ever wanted to talk about was makeup, my favourite products, how I wore it and some of my top tips. A year or so later and here I am wanting to talk about skincare in just the same volume, and today I’m sharing with you a dupe facial cleansing brush for all of those more pricey ones.

I have to admit, as much as I love beauty, I don’t like to spend ALL of my money on it. If a £3 eye cream is a good as a £30 one, I would choose the cheaper alternative as I’m not someone who would buy a product for its name. When the product inside performs just as the same as one with a high end price point, it’s just common sense to save some money. Lets face it, that money from saving can be spent on even more beauty products can’t it? Oops.

Anyhow, let me tell you all about the Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device. You may have seen many of these on the market such as Foreo, which I will be comparing this to today. If you’re all for a deep cleanse but want it to be quick, easy and effective then I’m pretty sure you will love little gadget.

Kathleen are a skincare brand that boast prestigious skincare products that are infused with natural, pure and organic ingredients that your skin will thank you for using. I’ve used many of their products over the past year or so, but this one today has to be my favourite. This device has been designed to become an essential daily step in your skincare routine. Whether I makeup or not, I cleanse my skin every single day, either morning or night, and before using this I don’t actually think I never got in deep enough to get rid of ALL the daily dirt.

This brush has been designed with small with deeper but gentler cleansing of the skin in mind. It combines sonic pulsations with small innovative silicone bristles to get into all those hard to get places. The pulsations with the silicone bristles work to remove blemish-causing impurities and dirt, which isotretinoin leaves the skin feeling and looking bright and well cleansed.

I find this a great alternative for those harsh abrasion devices as the bristles are so gentle but cleanse just as well. This also doesn’t leave your face red or sore like some cleansing devices can.

You can put it on different speed settings to which is quite fun, and I tend to use the faster setting for more problematic areas such as my chin and nose. It also comes with two different sides, of which one is for more intense vigorous cleansing whilst the other is for the everyday gentle cleanse. I use the deeper cleaning zone once a week when my skin feels oily and is in need of a good pamper.

Speaking of pampering, my favourite place to use this is in the bath. The device is fully waterproof so it doesn’t matter even if you drop it in water. Using it in the bath means I have more time and the whole experience feels that bit more indulgent, which I love.

As I mentioned, I’m comparing this to the Foreo Mini, which is a device I used before this but since using this I don’t think I’ll change back. The Mini is a super handy size to travel with, but this one by Kathleen is twice or maybe three times its size and makes the whole process A LOT quicker. I find it does exactly what a Foreo does but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and quicker results then I’d choose the Kathleen Device.

The full size Foreo is more than double the price of the Kathleen one, with the Kathleen device retailing for just £49.00. Why I think it’s such a good price is because once you have one, you have it forever. It’s not a product that will run out and I get so much valuable use out of this, especially since it’s improving my cleansing routine, which my skin is thanking me for.

Inside the box comes an instruction leaflet that guides you through exactly how to use it depending on your preferences, and also a USB charging lead

You can purchase the Kathleen Facial Device here, along with the rest of the range.

Have you ever tried a facial cleansing device like this?

Megan ?

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If discovering new beauty brands and products is your thing then I’ve got something for all of your needs. You may have heard of beauty subscription boxes, an exciting experience for us beauty lovers as you a whole bunch of new products delivered to your door every month. I consider myself quite a makeup hoarder, but a lot of the time I buy similar products and never go out of my comfort zone. Many boxes I’ve tried I never find much I’d purchase again until in stepped Glossybox*.

Glossybox are a beauty subscription box like no other. Never before have I received a box and been satisfied with everything that’s inside. Let me let you in…

BeautyPro Black Diamond Peel Off Mask (worth £4.95)

I do love a good facemask and when it comes in a little sachet, I think its even better. I love to use a mask from a sachet as it tells me how much I need to put on my face. Its unbelievable the amount of times I’ve squeezed too much facemask out of a tube and had to waste it. BeautyPro have designed this peel off mask for those that suffer with blackheads and wish to purify their skin. You apply this to a dry face, then after 20 minutes (or when its fully dry) you peel it off starting from the chin, and the charcoal formula activates to pull out all the junk and dirt from your pores. It works like a blackhead nose strip does but is gentler on the skin and peels off to reveal brighter cleansed skin.

111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (15ml bottle worth £110)

When it comes to luxury skincare, I honestly don’t have much experience. My skincare choices depend on whether or not they work for my skin. I don’t tend to go by price, but this brand is kind of out of my price range BUT I’m so glad I got to try it in June’s Glossybox. With the skin around the eyes being the most sensitive area of the face, the area you need to take most care of, its important to have a good product to protect it. This soothing eye gel helps reduce puffiness and minimise dark circles, which is all I look for in an eye product. However, this isn’t any normal soothing gel, it’s so soothing in fact it wakes me straight up in the morning and keeps my eyes hydrated and awake all day. It’s so effective it’s got me back into using this daily, and I haven’t used an eye cream so regularly in ages. It’s done my tired eyes the world of good!

Manna Keder Sheer Glow Illuminator (full size worth $29.00/£22.00)

Coming across new makeup brands always does excite me – I’m like a little kid at Christmas. Manna Keder is a brand I’ve not heard of but was intrigued as soon as I saw this product. Its their Sheer Glow Illuminator in a really pretty peach pink shade. I am a sucker for a peach toned makeup product, so this did draw me in straight away. During the warmer months I much prefer wearing liquid highlights and this has been perfect to use recently. It is quite a sheer formula, as it says, but when wearing over the top of foundation its really easy to build. You can either purchase accutane wear this on its own or as a base for a powder highlight, and has really amazing staying power either way.

Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon in Colossal Coral (full size worth £5.49)

Being the beauty lover that I am, when I saw Sleek in the box I was over the moon. Sleek are a brand I love trying new bits from every now and then when new bits come in to store, and the Plump Lip Crayons are a product I’d never tried before. In this box I received the shade Colossal Coral, a really delicate pink coral. The formula of this is really creamy and pigmented on the lips. It doesn’t last the longest time as it is quite balmy, but it does look so pretty on the lips. It’s an ideal shade for summer time! 

Batiste XXL Volume Spray (full size worth £4.00)

Hair care has recently become something I enjoy, which is something I never thought I’d say. Taking care of my hair and bothering to style it everyday is something I enjoy now so trying out new hair products is quite fun. I’m a big fan of Batiste and trying out their XXL Volume Spray is something I wish had happened sooner. Although I have thick curly hair, when it comes to needing a wash I always crave a bit more volume. This stuff reminds me of the oh-so popular (but incredibly expensive) Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, as when you spray it into the hair it lifts it like backcombing it would. It leaves you with effortless volume like you’ve just washed it and also smells so incredible.

Eness Cosmetics Exotic Africa Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream (full size worth £6.50)

Again, Eness are a brand I’ve never heard of but am now so glad I’ve discovered. I’m quite a hand cream lover and I added this to my collection with open arms. I find it important to take good care of your hands just like you do your face and body and Eness have got it spot on with their formula. This cream is infused with Argan Oil, which makes it so hydrating and beautifully scented. The formula feels as if its been whipped as it feels very lightweight and sinks into the skin so fast before leaving you with super soft hands. I love to keep this handy so I can use it on a regular basis.

It doesn’t stop there either. In this particular Glossybox, there is an exclusive preview of Louise Pentland’s new book ‘Wilde Like Me’, which I now must purchase as I need to read more. That’s what I love about Glossybox, there are so many great surprises that always go the extra mile.

You do get a lot of full size or deluxe size samples in these boxes, which are fab if you love the product and don’t want it to run out. There’s nothing worse than beauty boxes that are skimpy with their samples, whereas Glossybox go all out on the treats (for just £10 per month to!).

The latest Glossybox for July is a travel edition and is now available to purchase here – don’t miss out, there are some serious goodies (including a beautiful Fan Brush from Spectrum!).

Have you tried the Glossybox?

Megan ?

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With the warmer weather and (very hit and miss) sunshine comes quite sticky and humid days. I’m one that adores the heat but humidity is a no no. It’s not everyday that the heat hits us here in the UK, but it’s always best to be prepared, right? There’s nothing like being sticky when you’ve got a full day ahead of you.

I’m the kinda girl that cannot leave the house unless she feels fresh. As much as I have to have my morning wash, skincare routine and fragrance spritz, the two things I could never miss (if I did I’d go home to do them, no matter where I was heading) is brushing my teeth and spraying my deodorant. Making sure my anti-perspirant is on is something I’m quite religious about and there are only certain ones that work for me.

Dove have recently launched a new range* that focuses on looking after your skin on your underarms as much as you do the skin on your face, which I’m all for. Each of their new products have been carefully reformulated with ¼ moisturising cream to boast the superior care that their anti-perspirants can offer.

This new range has been in the pipeline and on-going for the past 4 years to make sure it’s the most caring and gentle it could possibly be. I’ve always buy priligy online usa stuck to certain deodorants depending on what works for me but I’ve never felt something so soothing as these. My favourite has to be the Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea range as I’m a sucker for anything that smells fresh. The scent is perfect for a morning pick me up, as the scent is so light and clean, as is the formula. It leaves your skin so soft, nourished and smelling good all day.

The big test for me was in the gym as there aren’t many anti-perspirants that can last throughout a gym session. I found the roll on kept my underarms hydrated but didn’t last as well as the sprays. The sprays for me are a godsend as once you’ve sprayed them on, it doesn’t rub off or oil off like roll ons do on me.

The new Dove anti-perspirant range is available in 8 variants, including products for extra sensitive to normal skin from invisible dry products to freshening and soft feel sprays and roll ons. As well as the full size cans, they have mini’s and roll ons that are perfect to pop into your bag for on the go.

Dove’s new collection and all its 8 variants are available in-store and online at Boots.

What range is your summer day saviour?

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