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Today I finally have something new to show you on my beauty menu and it feels so good to be writing a beauty post again, it certainly feels like too long.

Now that summer is over and all the new trends are rolling in in the makeup world, I’m (about darn time) feeling excited about makeup again. I haven’t worn foundation in the longest time now, I must admit. I’ve gone the entire summer without it and my face just feels so much fresher without it. So, primers, concealers and all that jazz have been my go to.

I had to open my laptop and start writing because I suddenly realised I needed to tell you about my favourite duo of the moment. Funnily enough, I was just fantasizing about makeup, as you do, and had the urge to discuss.


You know when you’ve a good few damn good beauty products that make you question how you lived without them? Yep, that’s what today’s blog post is all about. I’ve got two seriously dreamy products that work wonders for prepping and setting your makeup, no matter the base.

Make Up For Ever have never actually done me wrong so it’s no surprise I loved these products I’m about to tell you all about.

Seeing as I haven’t been wearing foundation, a primer is my saviour to hydrated my face before applying powder based products. Their Step 1 Primer is one of the most effective smoothing primers I’ve used yet. As I’m not using anything more than concealer to hide blemishes, a good primer is essential to help me out that bit further.

Although the Step 1 Primer is super lightweight and quite fine, once applied it turns into a hydrating gel-like primer that instantly blurs most things I need it to. Of course, this stuff can’t hide a spot but it hides imperfections and any texture I’ve got going on.

As far as my base is concerned, it stays put all day and I find it mattifies my skin and keeps my oily T-zone at bay whilst keeping my face hydrated and smooth. This is a real multi-tasker I have to say.

Then it’s onto the very last step in your makeup routine… setting spray. A.k.a. the product I can’t live without.

Make Up For Ever’s Mist and Fix Setting Spray is one of those products I feel lost without if I don’t use it to finish my makeup. To me, a setting spray is essential and my makeup doesn’t feel done until it’s on so I really can’t miss this step. It’s like forgetting to butter your toast, you just don’t do it do you.

I find some setting sprays a bit hit and miss. All of them, which I’ve tried, have always been hydrating. You just can’t beat that freshen up and coolness on your face after you’ve finished your makeup.

But, this Make Up For Ever one just feels like it actually does something – you know what I mean? Once you spritz a few pumps all over your face everything seems to come together, it honestly feels so great. It gives me that YES feeling, hence why I can’t finish my makeup without it.

It does indeed set your makeup and it makes it last a heck of a lot longer. In my opinion I think this has to be my favourite of all time and I’m really afraid for it to run out but it’s a definite repurchase, that’s for sure.

Prepping and setting my makeup has never felt so good.

You can have a little browse of the goodies here.

What are your prepping and finishing products?


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I admit it; I am a true sun worshipper. When the sun comes out, I’m out, it makes me incredibly happy and I do love to soak it up. Although, it is important to keep in mind protecting your skin from the harsh rays. Whether I decided to spend all day in it on holiday, or just an hour or so at the weekend, I always ensure to think about protection. That said, I always make sure I apply the best tan protection I can, as it’s super important.

This year I completely changed up my sun protection. Now that I’m 21, an adult in right (although sometimes may not always act like one) it was time to take travelling pretty serious. I love adventuring and it is my passion to travel, visit new places and consume new exciting cultures. When I do so, I always ensure I have the necessities. The travel documents, my tech equipment to get all those shots and of course, my sun care. When I was younger I never really understood how important it was. My mum used to apply it for me and I never knew what brand did what. Now, I have a lot more understanding after talking to the team at Institut Esthederm.

A few months back I had the opportunity to attend their press day for their new sun care product releases. When I was their I got to talk to some lovely experts that informed me on how certain sun care is created for different skin types. I have fairly isotretinoin 10mg normal skin, sometimes on the dry or oily side and can catch the sun quite easily. I told them I prefer lightweight products, as I hate getting all sticky and ending up with sand in all kinds of crevices. So I was kindly gifted their Adaptasun Body Lotion* for strong sun.

As much as I love to tan, I do always make sure I have the right protection on. When I go away with the means to lie in the sun, I usually start off with an SPF 30. This product with its three sun symbols means that it protects your skin against normal to strong sun rays. With UV inCellium Technology, this lotion actually helps skin better defend itself in extreme sun.

With this I found I got a much deeper sunkissed tan and that’s because the formula contains Adaptasun, an ingredient that works to optimise tanning and as well protect you from the rays. This ingredient stimulates the production of melanin, which is a group of natural pigments in the skin that darken with the sun rays and result in a tan. Clever eh?

I honestly had such a good experience using this and this will be one I’ll be taking away with me on my sunny holidays in the future. You can purchase it here along with the rest of the range.

What SPF is your top choice?

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When it comes to packing my travel bag, I always stick to a routine of only packing the essentials. For a carry on bag the last thing you want it a super heavy bag full of useless things that you won’t use. Don’t get me wrong, my travel bag is always quite heavy but I always pack the few essentials I’ll need instead of items I’m not going to use. Packing light isn’t as easy as it sounds, so here are a few of my travel bag essentials and packing tips.

Never have I ever been a light packer. I always take an excessive amount of things, but that’s usually in my suitcase as I never pre-plan my outfits (maybe that’ll sort my issue if I did). However, for my travel bag I try and go as light as possible when I can and there are a few items I can’t go without and is all I really need.

Of course, don’t forget the ESSENTIAL essentials such as your passport, travel documents, money and cards (that’s a given) but there are a few other necessities I just have to take along with me.

First things first, I always take some form of pen and paper, usually my diary in case I have any sudden urges to write things down. I even sometimes use it to write down some things to do whilst being away so I’m all prepared when I land. I don’t take a diary around with me often enough and always end up writing things down on my phone then forget about them. With a diary or a notepad you can keep things in check, stay organised and even use it to be creative. There’s never a time that my brain is ticking away with ideas so I always need somewhere to write. Doing this on a flight is also a fab time passer.

In-flight entertainment is a must for any journey and I have a few things I always take with me.

Headphones. I mean, what is a long journey without having something to listen to? If I’m travelling by car, of course you can play what you want out loud. On a plane, it’s a whole other story. What if you sit next to someone that falls asleep and snores? It drives you mad. At the minute I love cheap accutane 20mg listening to podcasts, my favourite being ‘At Home With…’ by the lovely bloggers, The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles. Having something to listen to is a great distraction to if you’re not the best flyer.

A good read. I admit, I don’t read enough. So when I travel I always make sure to take a few good reads with me, it feels like a treat really being able to indulge in a book for a few hours. As well as taking books in my case I make sure to pack my current or a new read in my carry on bag. Whether it’s a magazine or a book, I like to have something to read to fill the time.

Another essential of mine is sunglasses, which is now an item I can never travel without, especially if I’m off on a sunny holiday. Getting off the plane and want to be in the holiday mode straight away? Sunnies are the way to go. Big sunglasses are also perfect if you go makeup free, like I do, as they’re a real ‘don’t look at me’ item. I think they’re an accessory that styles up any casual outfit. Travelling in style is always possible with a big pair of sunnies.

I don’t know about you, but I love to snap EVERYTHING on my travels. You never know when a picture moment will come up so I always have my camera handy. I love to know travel with my Olympus Pen EPL-8 as its compact, fairly lightweight and can take amazing quality images. A review of this camera will be coming very soon to if you’re looking for a camera like this, so stay tuned.

There’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and dry skinned mid flight. To prevent this I always carry a facial mist to freshen up my face. My favourite for this is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray as it contains calming properties such as Aloe and Herbs that will keep your skin at bay and de-stressed. Even a water spray will cater to your skin needs during the flight. Having a refresh is essential with the lack of fresh air up there at 38,000 feet.

What are you travel bag essentials?

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I’m loving skincare so much at the minute that I just can’t keep it to just a weekly Sunday post. When there’s a product I love, I just need to talk about it and share it with you all. Today I’m telling you all about the Pixi Peel & Polish, a new skincare step in my routine that I’ve sure been missing. From the first time I used this product a few weeks back, I knew I needed to talk about it. First impressions were extremely good, but I had to trial it for a few weeks to get a real feel and see what results it gives. An honest skincare post comes from trialling a product on a regular basis for a while, right?

There’s only so much skincare you can use and with me being somewhat lazy with my skincare routine from time to time, I’ve not stopped using this so it must be working its magic!

The Pixi Peel & Polish is a multi-action product packed with all kinds of goodness, including sugar extracts and lactic acid. The ingredients loaded into the creamy formula work to gently dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. It’s practically a quick, effective and comforting at-home facial that reveals a better complexion within just a few minutes.

You apply this like you would a normal facemask. Just squeeze out a small dollop into your hand and smooth all over the face. As it’s a peel off mask I do tend to use a medium layer, not too light so that I can peel it off all in one. After just a few minutes online pharmacy priligy it’ll eliminate the dullness in your skin and resurface its natural glow. I usually pop it on for around 4-7 minutes then its time for the BEST bit… to peel it off. Does anyone else find this extremely satisfying?

This is best to use around 2-3 times per week, I usually use it 3 times to maintain a radiant glow. You apply it to clean, dry skin, sit back and relax for a few minutes and let the goodness work its magic. When you remove the mask your skin will feel so clean and renewed whilst also feeling well nourished and hydrated. Although it’s a peel off mask you wouldn’t think it as it leaves your skin glowing. I typically use this in the evening after cleansing my skin and before applying my serums, oils etc.

I love that it comes in a beautiful pale pink tube, as I’m all for aesthetically pleasing packaging and Pixi really have this spot on. It’s just too pretty not to have on display and because it sits on my dressing table, I never forget to use it. This is a real bedroom/bathroom cabinet must-have.

Fortunately, I was very lucky to receive this from a very good friend of mine who won a competition and got two with one to give to someone else (thanks Frances Hemmant, you got my back girl!). But, when this stuff runs out I shall be repurchasing as I think its so worth the money. You can shop it here!

Have you ever tried Pixi Skincare?

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If discovering new beauty brands and products is your thing then I’ve got something for all of your needs. You may have heard of beauty subscription boxes, an exciting experience for us beauty lovers as you a whole bunch of new products delivered to your door every month. I consider myself quite a makeup hoarder, but a lot of the time I buy similar products and never go out of my comfort zone. Many boxes I’ve tried I never find much I’d purchase again until in stepped Glossybox*.

Glossybox are a beauty subscription box like no other. Never before have I received a box and been satisfied with everything that’s inside. Let me let you in…

BeautyPro Black Diamond Peel Off Mask (worth £4.95)

I do love a good facemask and when it comes in a little sachet, I think its even better. I love to use a mask from a sachet as it tells me how much I need to put on my face. Its unbelievable the amount of times I’ve squeezed too much facemask out of a tube and had to waste it. BeautyPro have designed this peel off mask for those that suffer with blackheads and wish to purify their skin. You apply this to a dry face, then after 20 minutes (or when its fully dry) you peel it off starting from the chin, and the charcoal formula activates to pull out all the junk and dirt from your pores. It works like a blackhead nose strip does but is gentler on the skin and peels off to reveal brighter cleansed skin.

111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (15ml bottle worth £110)

When it comes to luxury skincare, I honestly don’t have much experience. My skincare choices depend on whether or not they work for my skin. I don’t tend to go by price, but this brand is kind of out of my price range BUT I’m so glad I got to try it in June’s Glossybox. With the skin around the eyes being the most sensitive area of the face, the area you need to take most care of, its important to have a good product to protect it. This soothing eye gel helps reduce puffiness and minimise dark circles, which is all I look for in an eye product. However, this isn’t any normal soothing gel, it’s so soothing in fact it wakes me straight up in the morning and keeps my eyes hydrated and awake all day. It’s so effective it’s got me back into using this daily, and I haven’t used an eye cream so regularly in ages. It’s done my tired eyes the world of good!

Manna Keder Sheer Glow Illuminator (full size worth $29.00/£22.00)

Coming across new makeup brands always does excite me – I’m like a little kid at Christmas. Manna Keder is a brand I’ve not heard of but was intrigued as soon as I saw this product. Its their Sheer Glow Illuminator in a really pretty peach pink shade. I am a sucker for a peach toned makeup product, so this did draw me in straight away. During the warmer months I much prefer wearing liquid highlights and this has been perfect to use recently. It is quite a sheer formula, as it says, but when wearing over the top of foundation its really easy to build. You can either purchase accutane wear this on its own or as a base for a powder highlight, and has really amazing staying power either way.

Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon in Colossal Coral (full size worth £5.49)

Being the beauty lover that I am, when I saw Sleek in the box I was over the moon. Sleek are a brand I love trying new bits from every now and then when new bits come in to store, and the Plump Lip Crayons are a product I’d never tried before. In this box I received the shade Colossal Coral, a really delicate pink coral. The formula of this is really creamy and pigmented on the lips. It doesn’t last the longest time as it is quite balmy, but it does look so pretty on the lips. It’s an ideal shade for summer time! 

Batiste XXL Volume Spray (full size worth £4.00)

Hair care has recently become something I enjoy, which is something I never thought I’d say. Taking care of my hair and bothering to style it everyday is something I enjoy now so trying out new hair products is quite fun. I’m a big fan of Batiste and trying out their XXL Volume Spray is something I wish had happened sooner. Although I have thick curly hair, when it comes to needing a wash I always crave a bit more volume. This stuff reminds me of the oh-so popular (but incredibly expensive) Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, as when you spray it into the hair it lifts it like backcombing it would. It leaves you with effortless volume like you’ve just washed it and also smells so incredible.

Eness Cosmetics Exotic Africa Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream (full size worth £6.50)

Again, Eness are a brand I’ve never heard of but am now so glad I’ve discovered. I’m quite a hand cream lover and I added this to my collection with open arms. I find it important to take good care of your hands just like you do your face and body and Eness have got it spot on with their formula. This cream is infused with Argan Oil, which makes it so hydrating and beautifully scented. The formula feels as if its been whipped as it feels very lightweight and sinks into the skin so fast before leaving you with super soft hands. I love to keep this handy so I can use it on a regular basis.

It doesn’t stop there either. In this particular Glossybox, there is an exclusive preview of Louise Pentland’s new book ‘Wilde Like Me’, which I now must purchase as I need to read more. That’s what I love about Glossybox, there are so many great surprises that always go the extra mile.

You do get a lot of full size or deluxe size samples in these boxes, which are fab if you love the product and don’t want it to run out. There’s nothing worse than beauty boxes that are skimpy with their samples, whereas Glossybox go all out on the treats (for just £10 per month to!).

The latest Glossybox for July is a travel edition and is now available to purchase here – don’t miss out, there are some serious goodies (including a beautiful Fan Brush from Spectrum!).

Have you tried the Glossybox?

Megan ?

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With foundations being one of my favourite beauty products of the moment, I have so much time for testing out new ones and also trying combinations. Pairing foundations is something I’ve done for a long time and is something I now swear by. There are a lot of foundations that work by themselves, but each and every skin type loves something a bit different, which is why I love to mix foundations to get my desired coverage and finish.

It can be on a daily basis that I switch up my foundations desires. One day I’ll want light and dewy, the next I’ll want full coverage with a satin finish. So because of that, it’s good to have a line up of foundations that I know work to get whatever I desire for that day. I tend to mix foundations to get a different finish instead of shade and here are my favourite combinations.

If I’m fancying medium-full coverage, one wearable for the day and evening my favourite combo is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation with L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Together, these two give me my favourite foundation yet. The MUFE foundation gives the perfect flawless coverage that lasts all day and night and it’s buildable depending on whether you want a medium or full coverage. Then I go over the top with the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation and apply this with my trusty Beautyblender, and this adds amazing dewiness. I put this foundation on top instead of mixing them together as the cushion foundation can only be applied on its own as its a cushion foundation that you pick up out of its packaging with a sponge. However, this means they can work their own magic and the L’Oreal foundation is so lightweight it sits so nicely on top.

For a heavier but and even buy doxycycline hyclate online more glowy base the perfect pair is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation mixed with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow. The All Nighter foundation is quite a full coverage base I must say, but when applied with a damp Beautyblender it sheers the coverage out just a little bit. I use this foundation as it gives a really nice dewy finish whilst making your skin flawless. The star of the show here is the Pro Glow foundation from L’Oreal as this is what gives the dewy effect. This foundation gives an all day glow and both foundations together have incredible staying power and look amazing for makeup photography.

The next two are foundations I don’t mix together, but use to mix with any other foundation of choice. The Tarte Forest of the Sea Foundation is perfect to add to a lightweight foundation if you want more coverage. I find this foundation great for building coverage and also adding luminosity to the skin. It has a satin finish but gives that ‘your skin but better finish’. This works wonders by itself, but is so nice mixed with lightweight foundations as it sheers out the formula a bit. Another I love to mix with any foundation of choice, from dewy to matte finishes, is the L’Oreal True Match. Although this gives a medium coverage by itself, the formula is quite runny so I use this one to make other foundations feel lighter. This gives a nice natural sheen to the skin, so if I want to make a full coverage matte foundation less thick and heavy, I always use this and mix 50/50.

As I say, everyone has different preferences but I highly recommend these foundation pairings! Do you mix any foundations together to get your perfect base?

Megan ?


Living in different parts of the world means we have access to various beauty brands, and there are many we want but can’t have. I know the excitement of going to America and having access to so many brands that we don’t have available here in the UK. It’s an overwhelming experience to say the least, and my bank account hated my after, but oh my, was it an amazing feeling. It’s a whole other story when an American beauty brand comes to the UK, as it means we can have access to it as and when we wish – dangerous but fun!

E.L.F Cosmetics* is a brand I tested out quite a few years ago now and not used since as it was quite hard to get hold off. However, they have finally made their way to the UK. The beauty brand was established over 13 years ago, so it has been a long time coming, but is now available to buy online on the Superdrug site. The products will be released to Superdrug stores from June 1st.

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to go to the launch party, held in London, where the products were there for us to indulge in and drool over. Overal,l there is a huge selection of 123 products, a lot to take in, but there were so many that stood out to me. The range consists of everything you’d need from foundations to palettes and brushes. E.L.F are a brand that makes luxurious beauty products for such an affordable price, starting from just £3, for all women to play beautifully. Want to see more of the collection?

My absolute favourite product from the range is the Natural Glow Face Palette and I had my eye on this the entire time at the event. The beautiful silver mirrored packaging just caught my eye straight away, and the products inside are even more beautiful. It comes with one bronzer, one highlight and two blushes, all of which are so weightless and incredibly soft. They feel super luxurious when you apply them to your skin as well, and this retails for just £9. All 4 shades are quite buy priligy online generic neutral so they would be suitable for many skin tones and needs. Another product for the face that I’ve been testing out is their Baked Highlighter & Blush Duo, which I love to use now for ‘quick makeup’. It makes highlighter and blush application super easy as sometimes I just dip one brush in, apply and then I’m good to go. To apply the blush, bronzer and the duo, I used their Precise Powder Brush as it’s so large and fluffy and gets the job done so fast. Also a tip I use for contouring is to pinch the bristles together and you get a narrower head, perfect for chiselling the cheekbones.

They have a whole range of beautiful lip products, including prep products, tints and lipsticks. Their Lip Scrub Exfoliator in Sweet Cherry has been an essential for when I’m on the go and need to scrub off any dryness from a matte lipstick. It’s super handy to pop into your bag and use on the move. I always apply a balm after to rehydrate my lips. Another product at the event I had my eye on was their Lip Tints, the packaging is so sleek and colourful. Mine is in the shade Dewy Berry, a really pretty medium hot pink that brings life to the lips and makes them so juicy. This is really comfortable to wear if you’re not into lipsticks and glosses but crave a bit of colour.

Last but not least I finally got to try one of their Eye Shadow Palettes. I was literally drooling over some of the shades both online and at the event. They are so incredible for the price, as they retail at just £12.50 and all of the shades are so pigmented and creamy. The palette I have here is Nude Rose Gold, a beautiful array of 10 shades including both mattes and shimmers. I find this a great dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, with very similar pink and purple hues. It’s so pretty for the springtime!

You can shop the entire range here now, or in Superdrug stores from June 1st.

Have you tried any products from the range?

Megan ?


Beauty boxes really excite me. The most exciting part is that you literally have no idea what goodies you are to expect. Usually, beauty boxes let me discover a whole bunch of beauty brands that I’m new to, and having select samples from various ranges means I can get an insight into so many brands at once. This Blogger Box from Ideal World* is full with brands I’m new to and some that I have never tried before, so who wants to see more?

First up, as soon as I opened the box I got a little giddy. The first product I picked out was makeup pouch by Skinn Cosmetics, which is something I’ve needed for ages as I’m always carrying around loose makeup in my bag. It’s the perfect size to pop into your handbag and fits a lot of stuff. It’s sassy little slogan is so me and the colours are just perfect. It’s actually big enough to fit everything from this box into it apart from the 3 biggest items, which means I get to take as much makeup with me as I’d need and more!

From Skinn Cosmetics, there were 5 products including the cosmetics bag, and I’d never heard of or tried this brand before so I was intrigued. First is their Ultra Luxe Mascara in Black, a volumising mascara that I think adds great length to. It comes with a plastic wand, which isn’t my favourite, but after a few attempts I really do like it. I like to use this on more natural makeup days, as it adds just enough length and volume to create natural fluffy lashes. Then onto their lip products, two of which I’ve already wrote a separate post on as I love them that much. The Luscious Lip Duo as I like to call them, consists of Skinn’s lip balm and scrub, which is the perfect pair for baby soft lips. You can read all about them here. For adding a bit of colour to the lips after the prep, there is the Skinn Lipstick in Chestnut, one of the most beautifully designed lipsticks I’ve seen in a while. The outer layer of the lipstick is a highly pigmented brown/pink shade and the inner layer is an Argan and Rosehip Oil infused balm that together give you a beautiful glossy finish. This product gives amazing colour pay off and lasts an incredible time, whilst also nourishing and hydrating your lips. Its super comfortable and I love that it’s a 2-in-1!

For a brand I’ve tried before and was so eager to try more of is Elizabeth Grant. In the past I tried one of their Beautiful Colours Lip Gloss, which I loved the finish of and I’m testing a new shade, Hollywood Red. This is a beautiful true red that leaves you with such shiny luscious lips and doesn’t leave you with that sticky feeling. To prime the lips and add hydration is their Lip Moisturizing Balm. At first I thought this was a lipstick because of its packaging and was amazed to find it was a balm. The packaging buy amoxicillin usa makes the product feel quite special and is the perfect balm to pop into your handbag.

In the box we have another 2-in-1 product, this time one for the face. Its Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Re-inforce Cheeky Tint, which is essentially a blush but I use it on the lips to. For the cheeks it leaves a really pretty flush of pink, but I’m not a cheek tint kinda girl, so I use it on the lips as a tinted balm. It gives a really pretty rosy effect and just brings some life to the lips when you aren’t in the mood for lipstick or gloss.

Elizabeth Grant also had a range of body products to, which I’ve never tried before so their Graceful Angel Body Lotion was new to me. I prefer body lotions to butters at the minute, just because the weather is warming up and I find them less sticky. This one I find really lightweight and quick to sink in. It also smells of sweet vanilla, which I find so feminine on the skin.

A brand I was so impressed to see in the box is Estee Lauder, just because I’ve never had something so luxurious in a beauty box before. The product inside was their Gel Liner in Black. I don’t tend to do winged liner anymore, but this was so easy to apply to the lash line to add a little depth and I’m so impressed with its longevity. It doesn’t budge or transfer until you remove it. The narrow brush allows you to have a precise and controlled application and is definitely a liner I’ll continue to use. I just find it really easy and easy effortless.

As a girl who has been really into her skincare lately, especially products that make me glow, I was so excited to try the Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow followed by the Zhuzh Tan Accelator Wipes. The 10 Minute Glow is essentially a 10 Minute wonder product. You apply it to fresh skin and within 10 minutes, you achieve a really radiant glow. It actually does work really well and I love to use this every other evening now so that I wake up with fresh glowing skin.

I haven’t applied a fake tan in the longest time, so I was a bit worried but the Zhuzh wipes really did surprise me. I’m a bit iffy with tanning wipes so I applied this with very gentle pressure just across my chest, arms and stomach to see what effect it wouldn’t give. It resulted in a really natural and subtle tan, like one you’d get from your first few days on holiday, and I really like that. It didn’t leave me patchy and streaky either like other tanning wipes I’ve used do.

I am so impressed with this box and I now love the brands it’s introduced me to that otherwise I’d never even heard of. Being in the beauty world means I’m always experimenting with new products, and beauty boxes are such a great way to try so many at once.

Have you tried any beauty boxes you love?

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A lipstick companion that a girl can confide in is pretty much like a best friend. You can rely on it and trust it just the same, right? Maybe I love lipsticks a little too much. Anyhow, I have a new lipstick ‘bestie’ and I really need to share it with you.

I am an avid nude lipstick wearer, and there have been many I have confided in but there’s a newbie in town. It’s the Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, and my favourite shade is Bestie. I do actually have a few of these lipsticks, but this one for sure stands out from the rest. My nude lipstick preference is a deep nude, more on the brown side than anything else, which is exactly what Bestie is. On my skin tone it’s a medium brown nude with slight pinky undertones, which I find really flattering and feminine.

This shade would work well with many skin tones as it’s in the middle of the ‘nude’ shade spectrum. I also find that it compliments so many different makeup looks. I’ve worn it with golden eyes, purples, cranberries, and mattes, shimmers and metallics – I haven’t yet found a look it doesn’t go with! Here, I’m wearing it with the Tarte Pro Amazonian amoxil online order Clay Eye Palette on the eyes and Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Kit on the face. I’ve honeslty been so into Tarte lately, can you tell? I just find there products so easy to work with and so worth every penny.

The Matte Lip Paint come with a precision wand that helps you apply the product with ease and is quite fool proof. I use the tip of the wand to contour and line the lips, then use the wider part of the applicator to fill in the rest. I never go wrong with these lip paints, even with the brighter shades that I usually use a liner with. The quick dry formula adheres to the lips within seconds and stays put for a good 6-8 hours. Although it dries matte, I find it a really comfortable matte and even when it wears away I find it doesn’t crack or crumble, it fades away all together and doesn’t leave me looking like a hot mess.

You can purchase the Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints on the Tarte and Sephora websites, and I hope one day they’ll come to QVC so they’re easily accessible to us here in the UK!

Do you have any new lipstick companions?

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Change is something we all go through, its something we all have to deal with and change is good. The lovely Lisa Riley, English television presenter, recently launched a fragrance that she wanted to reflect her “change” in life that she’s gone through. I think its quite special to put such personal touch into a fragrance and you can really tell a lot of thought has gone into what Lisa wants to reflect.

Something I always change up is my fragrance. I do have a lot of timeless fragrances but for me, with each new season comes new fragrances and this one in particular screams summer to me. Lisa has designed a true oriental scent, one that would be perfect to wear on holiday in the sun, as that is exactly what it reminds me of.

“Change”* is a super rich fragrance, quite sensual in fact, as its top notes are mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers. In the heart of the scent you can smell orange and vanilla, which is intertwined with hints of jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli. I actually buy doxycycline hyclate find the scent quite masculine in some ways, just because of its mature and musky vanilla notes, which I do really like. I’m usually more of a sweet and fresh fragrance lover but there’s just something about this that I can’t just enough of. When you spritz it onto the skin it smells more masculine but once its set it just reminds me of holiday, and that’s when the floral notes come out. I find this lasts on my skin all day long, just with two to three pumps on the neck.

Another thing, I’m absolutely obsessed with bright summery colours at the moment, and the orange outer packaging is just too good to get rid of. I keep this amongst my other fragrances and it makes my room feel super summery – I love it! The bottle itself is quite classic and very minimalistic, which is just my style.

This is available to purchase here, and if you love summery scents that remind you of a dreamy holiday, I totally recommend it.

What’s summer scents do you love?

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There’s nothing I love more than hydrated and soft lips. When you think of skincare it’s easy to forget about your lips, as facial products are usually top priority. For me, taking care of your lips is just as important and I’ve found the perfect little duo for keeping them soft and hydrated.

From day to day lip care I make sure to keep my lips hydrated with a balm, but every so often I like to take extra care, just like my I do with my face. Skinn Cosmetics have a whole range of beauty goodness, from makeup to skincare and today I’m talking to you about my favourite products to achieve luscious well-cared for lips. It’s quite a recent discovery but I haven’t been able to stop using them since and I needed to share them.

When I say I like to take extra care I mean I like to exfoliate my lips. Skinn have a lip exfoliator, the Sugar Lips Lip Polish Scrub* and it’s really made a difference to the softness of my lips. I get dry lips on a regular basis with all the lipsticks and glosses I wear everyday, so it’s important to take care of them. This scrub works to give your lips a little indulgent treat by getting rid of any flakiness or dry bits. It’s made with real sugar and a special butter blend to works it’s buy priligy uk online magic and it also smells and tastes good enough to eat (yes I may have tried it, oops). It’s so easy to use, you just massage a small amount in circular motions and rinse with warm water when you feel you’re done. I usually exfoliate them for around 30 seconds to a minute. It’s not harsh at all and is gentle enough to use daily, but I tend to use it twice a week.

However, their Lip Balm* is something I do use daily – many times of day in fact. I also always use this after exfoliating my lips and tend to slather it all to put all the moisture back into them. It’s velvety smooth texture is so soothing and quenching to hydrate the driest of lips. The balm is formulated with Vitamin C and Volulip that works to enhance plumpness, improve lip curvature and leave you with soft juicy lips. It comes in 5 flavours to, including Mango and Strawberry Daiquiri. Honestly, everything from their lip range smells good enough to eat!

This little duo is honestly a life saviour, especially after a day of wearing a liquid lipstick. I now sometimes even opt for the lip balm instead of a gloss or lipstick as it gives the most gorgeous shine and isn’t sticky at all. These are available to purchase on the Ideal World site.

What is your favourite lip care?

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MAC cosmetics announced last month that they are creating new lipsticks with 10 internet beauty influencers. One being with the lovely Fleur de Force creating her own shade for the UK. Imagine creating your very own lipstick with a brand? I know, it’s a dream.

Fleur formulated her lipstick in the Toronto labs and came up with such a gorgeous nude shade. Her shade is a UK exclusive and went on sale just last week! You can really go wrong with a nude, but it’s really not any old nude, it’s so pretty. When I first saw swatches I was a bit concerned whether it would suit me, as it’s lighter than shades I’d normally go for. However, I love it! I’ve found it actually looks different on everyone that I’ve seen wear it, but here is how it looks on me.

It claims to be a soft ventolin inhaler buy online rosy blush, but on me it appears to be a light beige. I find it really flattering as it’s a Cremesheen finish, which gives a really gorgeous shine. It’s super creamy to apply and is very comfortable. Without a liner it lasts a good few hours but holds even better with a liner underneath. My favourite pairing is MAC’s liner in Boldly Bare, they just compliment each other so well.

The lipstick comes in the iconic MAC packaging but the outer packaging is so fun and edgy, which I think makes the collaboration feel that extra bit special.

This lipstick has really got me back into using my MAC collection – at last! There are so many others beauties being released with other influencers for other countries which are gorgeous, I just wish I could get my hands on them!

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?

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