Although fragrance is a very personal thing for people, I’m pretty sure this lineup is one you all may love.

I’m not the pickiest of fragrance people, but I do know when I do and don’t like a scent. I wouldn’t go for something I didn’t think would suit me for instance, but I’m one that loves quite a few different types of scents, depending on my mood.

For the evenings I love something a little musky, sexy but fierce.

Then, for the daytime I switch between fruity or floral. It just depends what I’m feeling. Typically, my favourite scent is a sweet(ish) floral. Something quite feminine and classic with a sophisticated twist, you know?

*Enters the range with a little something for everybody*

Ted Baker are a brand largely known to be an iconic fashion brand. A brand with a lot of class, flare and fun, which I think is an exact representation of their newest fragrance launch.

Welcome the re-launch of their Sweet Treats collection.

I was introduced to the new collection at the end of last week after being very kindly invited with the Ted Baker team to an Afternoon Tea inspired by the Sweet Treats collection. The tea was held in the Dandelyan Bar in the Mondrian, which in my opinion couldn’t have been more perfect. With its pink plush sofas and golden minimalistic accents overlooking the River Thames on the Southbank, I couldn’t have felt more Ted Baker if I tried!

As well as the dreamy interior, the food and drinks lived up to those standards. We were treated to a whole mix of sandwiches and sweet treats (including my fave, macaroons) and classic cocktails and prosecco. I couldn’t help but have a cheeky G&T to!

The new line is full of its original class, femininity and modern sense of purpose but with more glamour than before. Not only have the fragrances made a comeback with a bang, the new packaging is just to die for! The fragrance is now packed away in nude, pink and black luxurious bottles with the classic Ted rose gold accents.

As the range says, generic accutane pharmacy each scent is made with a personality behind it. My favourite being Mia, a gorgeous soft floral rose fragrance bursting with sophistication and warmth. Its other floral note is freesias and it’s blended with fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrants, which makes the perfect soft but seductive cocktail.

Then enters Poppy, the sweetest of them all with her fruity girlish charm. The top notes of mandarin, berries and peach and beautifully blended with the likes of jasmine, honeysuckle and peony to add a bit of extra fruity romance. I love how the fragrance is blended with vanilla to as it gives it that soft but super sweet finish. This is one I’d wear in the daytime for that really girly feel. It’s not sickly sweet either, there’s the right balance of fruits and floral undertones to give it a bit of that youthful but charming girl-next-door vibe.

If you’re into muskier more classic scents, then Ella is your girl. This one, last but not least, is the classiest most sophisticated scent of them all. Ella is a real cocktail infusion as she’s mixed with bergamot and cassis with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. This scent is so enticing, seductive and perfect for the evening. Dinners and nights out will certainly see this one coming with me. Ella is very fierce but still feminine with top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. So sexy and rich!

The Afternoon Tea at the Dandelyan Bar was the most perfect afternoon and I can’t feel more grateful and thank the Ted Baker team enough!

The fragrances come in a handbag friendly size of 30ml, retailing at £18 or a very generous 100ml for £30.

You can shop the range online and in-store at Boots and Ted Baker at the end of September (I will keep you updated with the exact date). Ted Baker have also got a range of Christmas gifts inspired by the fragrances to, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Ted personality are you?

Megan ?

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* This post contains gifted products *

Luxurious bath products are something I don’t use very often. As much as I’d love to use them every single day, I like to keep them to pamper myself. I don’t know about you but I just love a good pamper in the bath, as it allows me to get some down time and is the perfect excuse to zone out. I typically do this once a week or so depending on how I feel and let me tell you about some products I’ve been using lately.

Ted Baker recently launched their Porcelain Rose Collection*, a beautiful array of bath and body care products that scream summer to me. There are 3 different and new pretty ranges to choose from, Pretty Pearl, Opulent Petal and Blush Pink, and with this there is a fragrance to suit every one – cute right? I’ve been lusting over the Blush Pink range* that boasts beautiful bath and body care products.

This particular fragrance is full of floral notes and is also entwined with subtle notes of cassis with sparkling grapefruit, mandarin and mango. It honestly smells like a summer holiday cocktail, so much so that is has me dreaming of a sunny holiday every time I use it. It also has musky undertones of patchouli, neroli and jasmine, which adds sophistication to the scent.

The Blush Pink products are available individually or in a gift set. Here, I have the gift set that contains 3 out of the 7 beautiful Blush Pink products. First up is my absolute buy amoxicillin without rx favourite product, the Body Wash. I do love a good luxurious body wash and this one not only smells amazing, it leaves your skin incredibly soft and hydrated. After the bath I lather on the Body Soufflé, a whipped and lightweight body moisturiser that locks in hydration from the Body Wash and leaves your skin silky smooth. This combination is heaven after you’ve shaved your legs to! Once I’m all cosy in my PJ’s I spritz the Body Spray on me. This is so fine it’s almost like a body mist and leaves your skin lingering with the most gorgeous floral cocktail scent. I always feel so glamorous after using this, and I also use this throughout the day sometimes to for a freshen up.

What’s even better about this range is that its super luxurious yet affordable. The rose gold detailing on the products gives the range that luxurious feel even though it’s such a reasonable price. Prices range from £3-9 for single products up to £25 for gorgeous gift sets.

This gift set also comes with the most beautiful travel size beauty bag. I’ve been after a sturdy beauty bag for sometime so that I can transport all my goodies and this is the perfect size. It’s coated with a silky fabric that adds such class to the bag and its design is stunning.

You can purchase this along with the other ranges online and in-store at Boots.

What luxury bath products do you use for a pamper session?

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If you’re a lover of scented goodies that make your room smell absolutely divine then you’ll love this. Throughout the whole of summer my room has smelt of nothing but the sweet summer of Miami, and I don’t know about you, but I will really miss the summer. The Ted Baker Reed Diffusers are very new to me, as they might be to a lot of you, and I was really missing out. The range covers everyone’s needs and also every season, whether you’re looking for an autumnal or neutral scent, then these have you covered.

There is a whole variety of different scents from around the world, including London, New York, Athens, Sydney and Tokyo. You can literally transport yourself to the any continent with just a sniff of a scent (maybe not quite but it’s pretty close!). The Miami Scented Reed Diffuser* is a luscious dapoxetine cocktail of star apple and passion fruit, which releases a warm ambiance and brings the beautiful Miami skyline to your home.

Not only does it bring about a gorgeous smell that fills the whole space, the design of the diffuser is so simplistic and appealing. With it’s matte finish textured bottle, each different scent has a selected colour, with Miami being red. So if you wish to match the design of your bottle to a room of your choice, they’ll be a colour to match your scheme. They look beautiful on dressing tables, kitchen sides, on cupboards, shelves, they just look good anywhere.

I’ve had this going all summer, and by just turning round the wooden sticks everyday couple of weeks, it’s lasting forever! They’re so worth the money and are going to make amazing gifts.

Want to try one for yourself and transport yourself to a different place? Check the range here, starting from £28.

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ted baker perfume

Summer months are those that make me feel like I constantly need to freshen up. Handbag essentials are what every girl needs, from important documents to a hairbrush to tame that mane. My current essential is a sweet fragrance to help me freshen up throughout the day, and you know, it’s a
must with this warm (ish) weather.

Ted Bakers Sweet Treats Purse Spray are a great size to be able to carry around with you. My favourite is the scent Lyla* as I feel priligy online buy it’s the most effortless and classic of them all. Lyla is described as: “Quietly confident with an enchanting elegance, Lyla turns heads. Glamorous from head to toe and perfectly polished at all times, she is the girl everyone wants to be”.

The fragrance is quite fruity and floral with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and peach and floral extracts of jasmine and rose. What I love is that within one spray you feel it’s enough to freshen you up.

It is difficult finding a scent you love in such a travel friendly size, as brands tend to stick with just 50ml+, however this really does the job.

As it’s such a sophisticated scent in a beautiful and handy 10ml bottle, it always makes its way into my clutch bag as well for evenings out. I love the ombre effect on the bottle, and the rose gold finishings give it such a classy touch.

Take a look at the range of other scents here. With so many to choose from I found it hard picking my favourite, so let me know in the comments which one you would go for. I know everyone has a unique fragrance preference.

Retails at £15 in Ted Baker and Boots.

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