When it comes to packing my travel bag, I always stick to a routine of only packing the essentials. For a carry on bag the last thing you want it a super heavy bag full of useless things that you won’t use. Don’t get me wrong, my travel bag is always quite heavy but I always pack the few essentials I’ll need instead of items I’m not going to use. Packing light isn’t as easy as it sounds, so here are a few of my travel bag essentials and packing tips.

Never have I ever been a light packer. I always take an excessive amount of things, but that’s usually in my suitcase as I never pre-plan my outfits (maybe that’ll sort my issue if I did). However, for my travel bag I try and go as light as possible when I can and there are a few items I can’t go without and is all I really need.

Of course, don’t forget the ESSENTIAL essentials such as your passport, travel documents, money and cards (that’s a given) but there are a few other necessities I just have to take along with me.

First things first, I always take some form of pen and paper, usually my diary in case I have any sudden urges to write things down. I even sometimes use it to write down some things to do whilst being away so I’m all prepared when I land. I don’t take a diary around with me often enough and always end up writing things down on my phone then forget about them. With a diary or a notepad you can keep things in check, stay organised and even use it to be creative. There’s never a time that my brain is ticking away with ideas so I always need somewhere to write. Doing this on a flight is also a fab time passer.

In-flight entertainment is a must for any journey and I have a few things I always take with me.

Headphones. I mean, what is a long journey without having something to listen to? If I’m travelling by car, of course you can play what you want out loud. On a plane, it’s a whole other story. What if you sit next to someone that falls asleep and snores? It drives you mad. At the minute I love cheap accutane 20mg listening to podcasts, my favourite being ‘At Home With…’ by the lovely bloggers, The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles. Having something to listen to is a great distraction to if you’re not the best flyer.

A good read. I admit, I don’t read enough. So when I travel I always make sure to take a few good reads with me, it feels like a treat really being able to indulge in a book for a few hours. As well as taking books in my case I make sure to pack my current or a new read in my carry on bag. Whether it’s a magazine or a book, I like to have something to read to fill the time.

Another essential of mine is sunglasses, which is now an item I can never travel without, especially if I’m off on a sunny holiday. Getting off the plane and want to be in the holiday mode straight away? Sunnies are the way to go. Big sunglasses are also perfect if you go makeup free, like I do, as they’re a real ‘don’t look at me’ item. I think they’re an accessory that styles up any casual outfit. Travelling in style is always possible with a big pair of sunnies.

I don’t know about you, but I love to snap EVERYTHING on my travels. You never know when a picture moment will come up so I always have my camera handy. I love to know travel with my Olympus Pen EPL-8 as its compact, fairly lightweight and can take amazing quality images. A review of this camera will be coming very soon to if you’re looking for a camera like this, so stay tuned.

There’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and dry skinned mid flight. To prevent this I always carry a facial mist to freshen up my face. My favourite for this is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray as it contains calming properties such as Aloe and Herbs that will keep your skin at bay and de-stressed. Even a water spray will cater to your skin needs during the flight. Having a refresh is essential with the lack of fresh air up there at 38,000 feet.

What are you travel bag essentials?

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The Mauritian Diaries continue with part 2, as one post just wasn’t enough to show and tell you how beautiful the island is. There’s so much so share that this travel diaries will be a 3 part series. Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, just over 2,000km off of the Southeast coast of Africa. The tranquillity and richness of the blue waters and white sands is really something special and obvious to picture due to its location. Paradise is real, so let me share with you snippets of the best bits.

Never before have I been to such a place, somewhere tropical and relaxing, and this island made all of my dreams come true. Not only is their beauty, there is so much culture in the inner parts of the island, which was an amazing opportunity to see. Even at the hotels, the culture continued with incredible cuisines and décor. We stayed at Lux Le Morne, a 5* resort on the southwest coast in Le Morne, a very remote village. The hotel was outstanding and really exceeded my expectations of being an ‘insta-perfect’ setting. I can just picture that this is what heaven would really look like with its infinity pools, fresh coconuts, a beautiful spa and a white sandy private beach. There isn’t much more you could ask for.

In terms of location, if you’re looking for a peaceful, luxurious and relaxing getaway then this place on the island is the perfect spot. Whether you’re into water sports or just lounging by the pool or the blue waters, then they buy cheap accutane online have you covered. I’m usually one to want to relax in the sun all day, but the water sports and excursions in the hotel were incredible and too hard to resist. You can choose from long bike rides through the island to discover new remote beaches or go snorkelling, kite-surfing and canoeing in the vibrant blue ocean. There’s everything you want here, I’m telling you! Every corner you turn you just want to take a picture.

One of the best activities and experiences was visiting and climbing Le Morne Brabant, the islands highest mountain with a summit of 600 metres. I’ve never climbed a mountain before, so it was scary and tougher than I thought (as it was all rock climbing, not just a simple climb!) but it was an incredible experience to see the island, lagoons and views from the top. You are taken up by an experienced islander, who tells you all about the culture, history and secrets of Mauritius. It really is an opportunity you should never turn down, and since this holiday my mind has really become set on wanting to try new things out of my comfort zone.

This holiday has really inspired me to want more from travelling, to experience more things and be more adventurous. I will be writing up another post sharing more about this incredible island, there’s so much more to share and it may inspire you to try new things!

What places have come away from and been inspired?

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