On our second week in the Dominican Republic we decided to go on an adventure and do something we’ve not done before. The great thing is about being away on holiday is that you get lost in yourself and find a love for all things adventure, I certainly do. With the island being quite small but with so much to explore, we wanted to spend the day seeing as much of its beauty as we could. So we ventured out to visit Samana, a small mountainous terrain with stunning white sandy beaches off of the northeastern side of the island.

We travelled over to Samana on a catamaran and upon arrival were greeted with a whole new view of the Dominican Republic. Where we were staying in Punta Cana was very remote and Samana was quite the opposite with busier roads and many more locals. I love seeing and mingling in new cultures as it really opens your mind and teaches you a lot. From the bay we hopped on a safari truck and rode to a plantation farm where we got to taste and learn about the local delicacies. The fresh fruits and chai teas were a little taste of heaven.

Ollie and I finished up here and headed over to the jungle. Upon arrival of the horseback farm we were greeted by locals and from there were led into the jungle terrain on horses. It was such a surreal moment riding through the jungle greenery and beautiful water streams on horseback, I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it was real.


The most unforgettable moment for me of this day was trekking through the jungle. When I go away I always say I’m going to ride a horse along the beach and it never ends up happening. But riding one through a Caribbean jungle was just a whole other story. My horse was named Chiquito, I know how cute, and was so well behaved (thank god, as I was cracking myself a little bit beforehand). The entire experience was incredibly relaxing and like nothing I had done before.

Our surroundings consisted of jungle bushes and plants with small clear water streams running through the landscape. There where to buy ventolin online were shear drops from other waterfalls that overlooked more of the jungle and I felt I was dreaming the whole time. Honestly, it was a real pinch me moment. If you ever get the opportunity to do it I say go for it! I hadn’t been horse riding in a long time and I’m so thankful it didn’t put me off.


The day finished on a very high note as we went off to explore the tiny but beautiful island, Cayo Levantado – more commonly known by the locals are Bacardi Island. I mentioned this previously in my Getting Lost In Paradise post but I need to mention it again and in more detail. It’s just too good to not share.

Never before have I seen a place so small, unpopulated and quiet with the most beautiful beach and views. We arrived to incredible sunshine beating down on the bluest waters. For about an hour or so we got to relax by the ocean and soak up the sun and then decided to do a bit of exploring. We found a part of the beach where nobody else was and I’d say there were only 50 visitors on the island whilst we were there.

Ollie had the best idea to fly up the DJI to see the island in all its glory. I was so blown away. It only flew up for around 10-15 seconds and the entire island came into shot. It put the whole idea of travelling into perspective for me and made me realise how much of the world there is yet to see. It was the most surreal moment being able to capture the views and beauty of the Caribbean for ourselves. This little island is a real hidden gem.

Hands down the best way to finish off our second week in the Dominican Republic. A jungle trek isn’t something you can do everyday, right?

What’s your next adventure? I’d love to know some of your top bucket list places.

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Hello lovelies and welcome back to a new post. Gosh it feels so weird having a little break from it all but it was much needed. After I came back from holiday I started job hunting and trying to get back on track, and with daily blogging straight for over 6 and a half months, I think I just needed a little time away. It’s helped me find my motivation and mojo again, so it was all worth it.

I’m back with a new travel/fashion post. Whilst I was away and during the past weeks off, I’ve thought a lot about switching up my content more and sharing more about me and what I love as well as beauty. Fashion and travel are becoming huge passions of mine to and I have so many ideas it’s quite motivating. Changing up my content is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I hope you enjoy it. Now, let’s get into it.

A few weeks back I embarked on my first ever trip to the Caribbean. It’s a destination I always thought I was far off from being able to travel to, but when we found the perfect trip to the Dominican Republic it just had to be ours. We stayed at Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana, a 5-star luxury resort that was far away from everything, which in my opinion is pure paradise. When I travel I like to get lost in myself and relax, explore and soak it all up. Since finishing University in May I’ve needed an escape from it all and this was my treat for surviving the past 3 years and coming out with a degree!

Our hotel was located right on a private beach, so to my liking much of the trip was spent relaxing by the ocean or the pool.

However, as I said I do love to explore. For a day trip we decided to head out and visit Samana, a mountainous buy cheap ventolin online terrain located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of the island. In this part of the island, we spent the morning travelling to Samana on a Catamaran, visiting a local plantation farm and trekking through the jungle on horseback to a beautiful waterfall – all of which I’ll be writing a separate post on as it was an experience I HAVE to share in great detail. It was just insane. I never thought i’d horseback in the Caribbean let alone through a jungle?!

From there on we headed to Bacardi Island, also known as Cayo Levantado, a teeny tiny remote island with stunning turquoise waters and white sand beaches. When we hopped off the Catamaran and stepped foot on the island I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The island was so quiet and unpopulated it really was true paradise. After dipping into the blue waters and soaking up the sun we decided to fly the drone and take a look at the surroundings, which by the way totally blew my mind. Once the drone had flown up just a few seconds the entire island was in shot, putting into perspective how remote it really is.

I could honestly live on a remote island like Cayo Levantado as I was seriously in my element and didn’t want to leave. Fresh coconuts and constant sunshine? Yes please. Living in swimwear wouldn’t be too bad either, better than having to wear jumpers and sweats throughout our British summer ay?

This bikini I managed to get my hands on was a lifesaver for this trip. Not only was it a complete bargain, it felt so luxurious and complimenting. I’ve never felt so comfortable in swimwear as I have with this. You can find it (and similar pieces) below.

Want to see and hear more about my tropical vacation? Stay tuned!

What is paradise to you?

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When it comes to packing my travel bag, I always stick to a routine of only packing the essentials. For a carry on bag the last thing you want it a super heavy bag full of useless things that you won’t use. Don’t get me wrong, my travel bag is always quite heavy but I always pack the few essentials I’ll need instead of items I’m not going to use. Packing light isn’t as easy as it sounds, so here are a few of my travel bag essentials and packing tips.

Never have I ever been a light packer. I always take an excessive amount of things, but that’s usually in my suitcase as I never pre-plan my outfits (maybe that’ll sort my issue if I did). However, for my travel bag I try and go as light as possible when I can and there are a few items I can’t go without and is all I really need.

Of course, don’t forget the ESSENTIAL essentials such as your passport, travel documents, money and cards (that’s a given) but there are a few other necessities I just have to take along with me.

First things first, I always take some form of pen and paper, usually my diary in case I have any sudden urges to write things down. I even sometimes use it to write down some things to do whilst being away so I’m all prepared when I land. I don’t take a diary around with me often enough and always end up writing things down on my phone then forget about them. With a diary or a notepad you can keep things in check, stay organised and even use it to be creative. There’s never a time that my brain is ticking away with ideas so I always need somewhere to write. Doing this on a flight is also a fab time passer.

In-flight entertainment is a must for any journey and I have a few things I always take with me.

Headphones. I mean, what is a long journey without having something to listen to? If I’m travelling by car, of course you can play what you want out loud. On a plane, it’s a whole other story. What if you sit next to someone that falls asleep and snores? It drives you mad. At the minute I love cheap accutane 20mg listening to podcasts, my favourite being ‘At Home With…’ by the lovely bloggers, The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles. Having something to listen to is a great distraction to if you’re not the best flyer.

A good read. I admit, I don’t read enough. So when I travel I always make sure to take a few good reads with me, it feels like a treat really being able to indulge in a book for a few hours. As well as taking books in my case I make sure to pack my current or a new read in my carry on bag. Whether it’s a magazine or a book, I like to have something to read to fill the time.

Another essential of mine is sunglasses, which is now an item I can never travel without, especially if I’m off on a sunny holiday. Getting off the plane and want to be in the holiday mode straight away? Sunnies are the way to go. Big sunglasses are also perfect if you go makeup free, like I do, as they’re a real ‘don’t look at me’ item. I think they’re an accessory that styles up any casual outfit. Travelling in style is always possible with a big pair of sunnies.

I don’t know about you, but I love to snap EVERYTHING on my travels. You never know when a picture moment will come up so I always have my camera handy. I love to know travel with my Olympus Pen EPL-8 as its compact, fairly lightweight and can take amazing quality images. A review of this camera will be coming very soon to if you’re looking for a camera like this, so stay tuned.

There’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and dry skinned mid flight. To prevent this I always carry a facial mist to freshen up my face. My favourite for this is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray as it contains calming properties such as Aloe and Herbs that will keep your skin at bay and de-stressed. Even a water spray will cater to your skin needs during the flight. Having a refresh is essential with the lack of fresh air up there at 38,000 feet.

What are you travel bag essentials?

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Jumper: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: COS

Earlier this week I visited Norwich to see a friend and it’s just one of those places I absolutely adore. I’ve been there a few times before, but haven’t explored it as much as I have this time. Like Brighton and London, there are so many quirky and quaint places unlike any other and Norwich’s favourite spot of mine was Urban Jungle, located a short drive away from the town centre. As you can see from the photo, I’m in my element.

Urban Jungle is a tucked away little gem that’s full of life and uniqueness. We went to explore and to have tea, but they serve all sorts of goodness there and the entire menu is gluten free – winner!

It was one of those places where you turn up and have to question whether you’re in the right location. Once you turn in, you drive order priligy usa down a little narrow road through the jungle pretty much. The entire space is filled with nature and it’s just so pretty. I was so so happy to see how ‘Instagrammable’ it was, as you can imagine.

The seats and tables are decorated with cute cactuses and intricate bits, every bloggers dream! And when you sit down you are surrounded by gorgeous plants and leaves – it’s honestly like heaven and feels like your on a vacay. As I said we just had tea, and to be honest we were so in love with the decor and taking photos, we almost forgot to even have that. There was even a compost loo outside, which made it quite an experience and added to that ‘jungle vibe’ feel.

Honestly, if you go to Norwich, you have to give this place a try, it won’t disappoint!

Have you got any quirky places to recommend?

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When you’re travelling, whether it’s on the go, on holiday or at the office, a makeup companion you can rely on is always essential. I’m sure we all know the struggle of trying to fit all of our makeup into one teeny tiny bag, so I’ve got something just for you. Blank Canvas Cosmetics F01 Face Brush is the answer. I can rely on this brush for pretty much anything and let me tell you why.

Firstly, it’s an all round incredible brush, with super soft high quality synthetic bristles that are perfect for multitasking. You can use this for buffing out foundation, packing on powder, applying bronzer and can also be used for mineral makeup application. Its densely packed bristles work so well with liquid formulas, however you can use it with wet or dry products, so liquid, creams or powders all blend seamlessly.

This brush is an all-rounder and what makes it so travel friendly is its size. It might be small but it has a lot of go in it. When I don’t want to pack my bag with a hundred and one brushes order priligy online cheap this is now my go to, it’s coming everywhere with me. Its smaller than my hand, about 2/3’s of the size, so its super compact and get fit in anywhere. What’s great is its cute in both size and colour as its built with a hot pink handle and gold ferrule. So pretty!

Something else from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics range that is perfect for travelling is their Compact Standing Upright Pouch that is essentially a brush holder for on the go. It can store around 10-20 brushes and is so convenient for holidays. I’m using this at the moment for my currently used brushes, but will for sure be coming on my next trip with me, as I can store them and conveniently stand them up in a stand just like I’m at home. The packaging is so chic, made with faux leather with embossed suede detail in the centre. Also available in black and all vegan friendly.

What beauty travel companions are your favourite?

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Since posting my last ‘6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately’ I had a great response and it’s encouraged me to do a series of 6 things I’ve been loving within the past month. Essentially, it’s quite like a favourites post but including a mixture of things from events, food, beauty, and all sorts. Its not every month that I buy new things but there are always new hobbies or ideas that I come up with that make me super happy. So, lets go!

First up has to be interior design. I never thought I’d be a sucker for pretty interiors; well not until I had my own place. However, I recently re-designed my room and it’s got me obsessed with Pinterest boards and shopping for cute bits. My favourite places to shop have been H&M Home, Matalan and Zara Home as they always have little unique finds. I’ve loved designing and planning out what will go where, now I just need my own house so I can do it to every room! There’s something quite rewarding about looking at something and thinking ‘I did that’.

Also, having re-designed my room I’ve been loving having my own clear space. There’s nothing better than having a space where you love to work and feel motivated to be creative and tick off your ‘to-do list’. This month I’ve been all about creating my own little workspace to be in my own bubble and GET THINGS DONE. That’s what the next few months is all about as I’m mid dissertation, so having found a new space has given me more encouragement and motivation than ever.

Lighter evenings. When it gets to 4pm and its still light outside I get an excited feel in my stomach, knowing that Summer is just around the corner. I’ve never been one to prefer to season to the others, as I love all temperatures and the feel that different seasons bring. However, there is something about 2017 that has got me craving lighter evenings and a bit of warmth. Maybe cheap doxycycline malaria tablets because it’s been super chilly and my body needs some sun. Not too much to ask for, right?

An obvious favourite this month is New York. I visited at the beginning of the month and it was my first time, and it was pretty much a trip of dreams. New York was everything I’d ever dreamt of and more; it was honestly like being in a movie set. Travel is something that inspires me a lot, and getting older there are more and more places I wish to visit. I have a whole post dedicated to my highlights of the trip and there are more posts in the pipeline that will be coming soon. I’ve documented a fair few photos over on my Instagram to.

I couldn’t write this post without talking about a new beauty favourite. When shopping in Sephora this month there was one item in particular I needed to buy and that was the Tarte Pro Glow Palette, which has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Since using it for the first time a few weeks back I haven’t used much else. The shades are so flattering and the highlight shades are so pigmented and give the most amazing sheen of glowy goodness. I picked up a few more bits from Tarte that I’ll be sharing soon, as I love everything!

This one is a bit of a funny favourite, purely because it’s so random, but I’ve been loving Soya milk. The past few weeks I’ve realised that whenever I drink normal milk it can affect my stomach, so I tried this in my drinks and with my cereals and I love it. It tastes so yummy. I did say these posts will involve anything and everything, and I’m sure some of you guys might agree that when you find something new in your diet it can make you feel a whole lot better, or just me? P.S. this tastes incredible in a latte!

What things have you loved this past month?

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If you follow me on social media you may be aware of my recent trip to New York (which I’m missing so much by the way). I went at the beginning of February and was my first trip to America, let alone The Big Apple. Me and my boyfriend booked it on the day of my 21st and I counted down the seconds until it was time to go. It was the best city trip of my life; it was everything and more that I’d ever imagined. Seriously, it was like being on a movie set, everything from the yellow taxi’s to the food made it all part of the experience. Let me tell you about my highlights, as I believe one dedicated post could turn into a 5,000 word account.


Yes, it was like being in a real Fairytale of New York. We arrived on the Monday and the next two days were pretty warm, so I thought there was no chance of it snowing. I was wrong. Thursday morning we woke to a snow storm, a real snow storm! It was so heavy it has snowed over a foot by the time we left for the day at around 10am. We spent most of the day in the storm before it settled walking around Central Park, taking loads of pretty shots and acting like children. The snow honestly made the trip so much more magical, and I’m so happy to have experienced it.


Seeing New York from the ground is really quite special, but seeing it from the skies is something spectacular. We visited both the One World Observatory and The Empire State and both were as amazing as each. The One World Obsevatory is the newly opened World Trade Center, which is one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere, with amazing views on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors. The elevator takes you up and you enter with 360 views of New York. Visiting The Empire State is also a must and it felt buy priligy dapoxetine incredible to be in there. We went up at sunset, which I highly recommend, and watched the sun go down over the New York skyline. Other places to visit for views is Brooklyn Heights and the High Line, at ground level but you can get some of the most amazing shots.


When booking the trip back in December I knew we had to visit Broadway. I love theatre and I’ve heard the best reviews about particular shows, so it was a must and it was so worth it. We saw Cirque du Soleil and for this it was my first time to. My boyfriend had seen it before in Florida and London but said the Broadway show beat it by far. The set, the costumes, the actors were phenomenal and it made the experience a whole lot more ‘New Yorky’.


In any city it is so easy to become immersed in the ‘touristy’ spots, but we usually branch out more and walk aimlessly to come across new places to take location pictures, have coffee or shop. In New York there is a heck of a lot of different places to shop than just the typical stores. The boutique interior and fashion stores were so my style and oh how I wish I had my own house. I love a good ‘Instagrammable’ shop and New York was full of them, especially Soho.


I find that the best way to explore any city is to become a flanuer, an aimless city-goer that explores by walking (I just felt very fancy using that term, thanks uni lecturer). It’s hard to not want to walk the streets of New York quite frankly. The avenues and side streets are so easy to get lost in, and this is definitely the way to find new spots. We walked as much as we possibly could, and the scenery and iconic parts really come to life.

I will shortly be writing up more parts of my trip to New York, what would you like to see?

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