Fresh face beauty is something I’ve seriously grown to love.

Yes, minimal makeup is the ‘lazy route’ without a doubt but I also love the feel of it, the fresher more glowy skin and also finding new products for it.

I used to go all out or nothing everyday. I found it impossible to just pop on some concealer, a lick of mascara and lip balm and head out the door. Yep, every morning I’d do an entire full base, winged eyeliner and matte lipstick without fail. In the end I got really bored of it and found a more suitable makeup look that I feel good in and I’m carrying it through to winter with me to make sure I don’t fall back into my old habits.

If like me you would rather a quick and easy routine in the morning and to leave the house feeling fresher faced and ready for the day, I hope you can find some goodies to try out in my winter makeup routine.

I’ll now cut the waffling and get right into it shall I?

My new and updated routine contains very few products in comparison to what I was using, and here are my current favourites…

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer; This is an absolute must have for dehydrated winter skin. Not only does this primer prep your face for the entire day/night, it also blur blemishes and adds an instant surge of moisturise that lasts all day. A pea-sized amount of this is all you need and you’re good to go!

I skip the foundation part so feel free to add whichever is your preference. I feel primer and concealer is all anyone needs for a fresher face – and lets face it, the winter chill does wonders for your skin.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer; This lil gem is my go to for covering blemishes and hiding those god-awful panda eyes. I dab a small amount onto my ring fingers, warm it up by tapping them together a few times and dab onto the areas that need concealing. Quick, easy and effective so you can’t go wrong. This range of concealers from Urban Decay also comes in various shades for various issues such as redness and fatigue.

MAC Give Me Sun; A bronzer I use all year round to give me the sun kissed glow I desire. This warm toned bronzer is one I use all over the face, more so on the forehead and cheekbones to add some colour into my skin.

A big fluffy brush is most effective to apply this with!

Cover FX Enhancer Drops; These highlighting drops are something I can’t do my makeup without. As I like to use an equal mix of powder and liquid products I find a liquid highlighter sits so well with that glowing winter skin look. These drops are so pigmented you need to smallest amount possible and stay put whatever the weather.

Or, I either use Benefit’s GALifornia or Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skin Stix in Ridiic.

Benefit Brows; I like to mix up my brow routine so this isn’t the same everyday I have to admit. If my brows have been threaded and tinted I’ll stick to my trusty old Gimme Brow to keep them in place. Or, if they need some TLC I’ll use Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil to add some definition.

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette; This warm toned palette is all I’ve been using for the past couple of months, I seriously can’t let it go. Its warm oranges and burnt shimmers are all I need to create all the warm looks I love. Can’t go wrong really!

I have a couple of mascara faves and most days I like to mix two…

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara; This is one I rely on for volume and length. This is a jet-black mascara to add the most amazing definition to your lashes.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara; Then, I go in with this. I usually use this as my last coat to add more length and also comes with a great wand for the bottom lashes. If I add to choose just one it would be this.

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix; This setting spray is my new favourite and I simply can’t finish my makeup without it. I find it locks everything, hydrates my skin and is also one I use to refresh my skin if it needs it throughout the day. This is a very handbag friendly size to, which is a bonus.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb; I wear this gloss all day every day, I’m hooked. This is a gloss that doesn’t give you that icky sticky feeling and adds a stunning bronze effect to your lips, which I think is so perfect for the Christmas season.

There we have it, my winter makeup routine. It might seem a few fair products but it only takes 15 minutes max and leaves my skin still looking like skin and lasts me for the entire day, with the occasional lip gloss top up.

What are your winter beauty favourites?


Well, the month of June was almost non-existent wasn’t it? I feel like many of my monthly favourites post have started this way, me saying how fast the months are whizzing by and in actual fact half of 2017 has disappeared in a flash. It’s quite frightening how fast this year is going, can it really get any quicker? Anyway, enough about that, let me share with you the things I loved throughout the month of June.

Pixi’s Glow Mist

As much as I love going all out with my makeup for days or evenings out, it’s also been so nice to have many makeup free days. Most of June consisted of me being bare faced, which has actually led me to feel more confident without makeup. The skincare product that’s convinced me to enjoy being bare faced is the Pixi Glow Mist, which I’m sure many of you have heard of. It’s my number one quick fix when it comes to skincare.

Spending quality time with loved ones

This June has been the first month in a very very long time where I had the whole month off from education and deadlines, which meant I had more time to focus on spending time with people. There was nothing worse that meeting up with a friend or heading out for the day with family and having work at the back of your mind. It’s been so calming knowing I can head out somewhere and not have a timeframe of when to be back. Being able to spend quality time with loved ones is something I’m so grateful for and it’s been a real order ventolin online pick me up moment.

Jazzing up my wardrobe

The past few weeks have seen many shopping trips, but I’m blaming that on having some time off. I’m not one to sit in on my days off so what better to do than go for a little shop? As there are many of the same shops round me, there is a constant cycle of the same clothes in the shops so I’ve been eyeing (and maybe buying) up so many new accessories. There are so many cute bags and jewellery in places like Zara, H&M, Primark and Mango at the minute and with so many styles to choose from and so much out there that I love, it’s hard to resist. You can see my Simple Summer Accessories post here.

Urban Decay’s Rehab Lip Love

Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I do love to keep my lips hydrated. The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with nothing but the Urban Decay Lip Love from their Rehab Collection. This stuff is seriously a little bit of heaven in a tube. It smells and taste likes coconut and the shea butter is whipped into the formula to make it incredibly hydrating and juicy. Sometimes if I’m wearing a lipstick I take it off purposefully so I can use this stuff. It makes your lips appear more plump to so it’s very pretty with a full face as well as without.

What did you love during June?

Megan ?

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With foundations being one of my favourite beauty products of the moment, I have so much time for testing out new ones and also trying combinations. Pairing foundations is something I’ve done for a long time and is something I now swear by. There are a lot of foundations that work by themselves, but each and every skin type loves something a bit different, which is why I love to mix foundations to get my desired coverage and finish.

It can be on a daily basis that I switch up my foundations desires. One day I’ll want light and dewy, the next I’ll want full coverage with a satin finish. So because of that, it’s good to have a line up of foundations that I know work to get whatever I desire for that day. I tend to mix foundations to get a different finish instead of shade and here are my favourite combinations.

If I’m fancying medium-full coverage, one wearable for the day and evening my favourite combo is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation with L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Together, these two give me my favourite foundation yet. The MUFE foundation gives the perfect flawless coverage that lasts all day and night and it’s buildable depending on whether you want a medium or full coverage. Then I go over the top with the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation and apply this with my trusty Beautyblender, and this adds amazing dewiness. I put this foundation on top instead of mixing them together as the cushion foundation can only be applied on its own as its a cushion foundation that you pick up out of its packaging with a sponge. However, this means they can work their own magic and the L’Oreal foundation is so lightweight it sits so nicely on top.

For a heavier but and even buy doxycycline hyclate online more glowy base the perfect pair is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation mixed with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow. The All Nighter foundation is quite a full coverage base I must say, but when applied with a damp Beautyblender it sheers the coverage out just a little bit. I use this foundation as it gives a really nice dewy finish whilst making your skin flawless. The star of the show here is the Pro Glow foundation from L’Oreal as this is what gives the dewy effect. This foundation gives an all day glow and both foundations together have incredible staying power and look amazing for makeup photography.

The next two are foundations I don’t mix together, but use to mix with any other foundation of choice. The Tarte Forest of the Sea Foundation is perfect to add to a lightweight foundation if you want more coverage. I find this foundation great for building coverage and also adding luminosity to the skin. It has a satin finish but gives that ‘your skin but better finish’. This works wonders by itself, but is so nice mixed with lightweight foundations as it sheers out the formula a bit. Another I love to mix with any foundation of choice, from dewy to matte finishes, is the L’Oreal True Match. Although this gives a medium coverage by itself, the formula is quite runny so I use this one to make other foundations feel lighter. This gives a nice natural sheen to the skin, so if I want to make a full coverage matte foundation less thick and heavy, I always use this and mix 50/50.

As I say, everyone has different preferences but I highly recommend these foundation pairings! Do you mix any foundations together to get your perfect base?

Megan ?


For the past few months I’ve been quite repetitive with my eyeshadow looks, switching from golds to bronzes and not much in between. I was introduced to the new Urban Decay Afterdark Palette* a couple of weeks back and it’s taken me back to experimenting again with purples, greens and reds… finally!

Urban Decay are continuously releasing new products that I adore, but this palette was something I’ve been most excited for. Although the palette is full of jewel toned metallic glitter shades that I would sometimes only use for a glam look, I find these really wearable in the daytime depending on how you use them. Also, unlike some other glitter palettes there are a lot of muted glitter shades that are easy to work with and are easy to apply even if you’re new to glitter. This new palette boasts 7 brand new shades and 3 cult favourites that no UD junkie should be without.

For this look I only took a few matte transition shades and then used one shade from the Afterdark palette for the lid and one for the lower lash line, and it was super easy and quick todo. It’s one of those palettes you can use for a simple look that appears well thought out and seems that you’ve spent a lot of time on.

Unlike any other glitter eyeshadows these are really seamless to blend and there isn’t any ‘chunks’ of glitter throughout each shade. They are very finely milled which is why they are easy to blend and also means you don’t get much fall out or creasing. Before using the shadows I primed my eyes with a concealer and set with a translucent powder to give a blank canvas and also means the shadow is less likely to transfer or crease. With any glitter look I always do my eyeshadow as the first step in my makeup, but these would be fine to do after you’ve applied your base as there isn’t much fall out at all, especially if you tap the excess off of your brush. All of the shades pick up so well with a flat shader brush as well as your fingertip, and both ways give amazing pigmentation. I usually find that applying lid shadows with your fingertip gives off more pigmentation, however these shadows work just as well with a brush. They also work well wet if you like to dampen the brush for extra intensity.

I’ve been loving the shades Supersonic, Lounge and Fringe for either all over the lid for some intense glittery glam or as a pop of colour on the lower lash line. However, for this look I decided to use the darker purple in the palette as it’s so beautiful and I just online pharmacy amoxil don’t wear these shades enough.

I used the Morphe 35N palette which is full of warm matte shades, and I mixed 3 warm orange toned browns together to deepen my crease and then went straight into the Afterdark Palette. On the lid I’m wearing the deeper purple shade, Backfire, which has a slight pink hue to it when applied to the lid and I applied this with a flat shader brush from Crown Brush UK. This shade is more of a muted purple than a deep purple when on the lid, which I found really flattering with my brown eyes. For the lower lash line I went with the shade Sinful, a really pretty warm gold that added an extra pop of something special to the look. To apply this I used both sides of the dual-ended brush that comes with the palette, which is so great at packing on colour.

I wore this look in the daytime and actually received a lot of compliments on it. I personally think that adding a different colour to the lower lash line gives any look an extra special touch and looks like you’ve put a bit more effort into it – when is reality, it was so simple! As I say, the palette is so versatile you can literally create any type of glitter look with it and use the shades as you please. I will definitely be using this for an evening out and going all in with the more ‘daring’ shades.

The products I’m wearing:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Blur Primer
  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
  • Nars Loose Powder
  • MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
  • Benefit GALifornia Blush
  • Cover FX Enhancer Drops in Sunlight
  • Cover FX Perfected Powder in Sunlight
  • Urban Decay De Slick Spray
  • Morphe 35N Palette
  • Urban Decay Afterdark Palette in Backfire and Sinful
  • Ardell Wispies
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
  • Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner in Dolce K
  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Gloss in Pure Peach

Another thing I adore about this palette is the packaging, and Urban Decay always exceed my expectations. They’re all so unique and personal to the products inside. I love the metallic purple finish, it’s so fun but sophisticated at the same time. It’s also not as bulky as the other palettes so it’s super easy to slip into a makeup bag and it also comes with a large mirror on the inside, which is super convenient for on the go.

Urban Decay have been pulling so many goodies out of the bag recently, I’m so so excited to see what’s to come! The Afterdark Palette is available to purchase here.

Have you tried any new in bits from Urban Decay?

Megan ?


As a girl with combination-oily skin, it is quite often than I’m on the hunt for products that mattify but don’t leave the skin looking dull. I love dewiness, and base products that aren’t highlighters amaze me when they leave your skin looking bright and luminous. Urban Decay recently launched a whole line of new setting sprays and primers for all different skin types. I’ve been testing out those that are mattifying from the De-Slick range, so I can add a tonne of highlight if I wish without looking oily. It’s quite hard to master with oily skin, but I think I’ve found the perfect products.

First up is the primer, as clearly, that is what I begin with. The De-Slick Shine Control Complexion Primer* is fast becoming my first ever mattifying primer that I love. Although I have oily skin I tend to go for glowy primers just to brighten my skin and give it some ‘lit from within’ radiance. This primer surprised me as it does add radiance but mattifies at the same time. The formula is oil and paraben free which results in perfectly perfected and shine-free skin. It contains aloe vera that works to calm the skin, which I find super helpful as some primers can make me go a bit red once I’ve rubbed it in. The product itself is a sheer nude shade that doesn’t translate as colour on the skin, but does blur any imperfections and means you can use it for midday isotretinoin online no prescription touch ups if you need to. It works all day long on me without having to powder my oily areas, and it’ll be great to test this one on holiday.

The De-Slick* setting spray is also brand new to the range, boasting as the most powerful oil control spray, which I quite agree with. I don’t usually use setting sprays to control my oil levels, I just love them for finishing the look and melting the products all together for a flawless finish. However, this one works wonders on the days my oil won’t stay at bay. With the primer, these make the perfect combination if you suffer with have to powder quite regularly. It mists on weightlessly to the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. The formula is built with high-tech ingredients that prevent shadow, foundation and all the rest from creasing and fading. It gives your makeup amazing staying power as well as controlling the oil levels, and I do indeed love a product that can do more than one thing. Again, this one is also oil and paraben free so you don’t need to worry about it adding to your oil levels.

If oily skin isn’t your issue, then there are so many more new products to the range for different skin types, with ranges that help with soft focus effects, pore perfecting and environmental defence.

Have you tried any new in bits from the Urban Decay range?

Megan ?


Urban Decay refresh? Check. Makeup setting spray refresh? Check. Pardon the puns, Urban Decay have a little refresh makeover of their best-selling setting spray, the All Nighter*. The formula is still its amazing self, but the packaging and feel is all new and I’m loving it.

This setting spray is up there in my favourites because it is just great. It performs just the way you want it to, and you can get extremely long lasting makeup with just a few sprays. A makeup meltdown whilst you’re mid mojo is never fun, so simply misting this over your full-face glam will ensure you have no problems. Its formula is built for all skin types and is free from oils and parabens and has some insane Temperature Control Technology, which works to cool or warm up your makeup depending on the weather conditions. Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it, but it works. This buy generic ventolin inhaler makes sure your makeup sets for 16-hour wear and gives you smoother looking skin all day and all night.

Now, onto the new packaging. Its really gorgeous and just screams Urban Decay like no other packaging. It comes in a black soft-touch bottle with a purple sprayer and frosted white cap, super cute and classic. The sprayer itself is unlike any I’ve tried, as it spritzes out the finest mist I’ve ever used and doesn’t leave you with a wet or sticky face like some can. This spray is good for on the go due to its compact size; you can just pop it into your handbag.

Urban Decay are on the roll with new and amazing releases, and there are so many more to come in 2017! Who else is excited? You can purchase the all new spray here.

What Urban Decay products do you love?

Megan ?


I am usually all about full glam, but there are days I just want to wear the most minimal makeup I can and still feel ready for the day. I do have many makeup free days, but for those that I’m going out and still want to look a bit done but minimal, these are my favourites…

Firstly, the base is the most important part of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look for me. For this I switch between two primers, my trusty YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer or the Benefit Porefessional, simply because one is for the ultimate dewy finish and one is for those days my pores don’t seem to back down. I love both for different reasons, but they are both equally as long lasting. To get a natural dewy base my go to is the Urban Decay One & Done Foundation, this is more of a fuller coverage BB cream. It gives the ‘your skin but better’ look, and is buildable. To conceal I opt for a full-ish coverage but lightweight dewy concealer, which is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. This is really great for those days you’re looking a little tired and need a refresh. For a cheaper alternative of the Urban Decay Foundation, I love the Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, which is super lightweight but buildable buy amoxil no prescription just like the one from Urban Decay, this one is just a little bit dewier that is great for drier skin. To set I always use a loose powder so there is no cake, usually the Nars Loose Powder.

To add a little warmth to the face my favourite is the BECCA Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. The blush shade Amaretto, is the perfect shade to add a bronzed flush, so there’s no need for bronzer as this acts as a 2-in-1. And to highlight a little I love to mix the two highlight shades from the palette. That’s the base finished, I just add a little MAC Fix + to set.

For these ‘no makeup’ makeup days I go really light on the eyes with just mascara. My favourites for fluffy natural lashes are the Too Faced Better Than Sex and Ciate London’s Wonderwand Mascara. If I do want to add a little more I just go in with a light matte transition shade in the crease, such as Latte from Makeup Geek.

For the lips I like to go with a girly dusky pink, my absolute must have for this right now is Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk – it makes me feel so fab.

What are your beauty favourites for ‘no makeup’ makeup?

Megan ?


There’s nothing quite better than feeling yourself, right?. When you complete your makeup and actually feel good instead of ‘meh’ is quite a great feeling. As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve been really loving base makeup over anything else, and I feel to get my favourite flawless base the concealers I’ve been using really make a great difference. So what best than to share them with you?

Now, you may have already known this was coming but I can’t do a post like this without mentioning my new favourite, Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. This quickly became my new favourite, and since I’ve admittedly being using it a lot. I complety understand why beauty lovers went crazy over this as it fulfilled my expectations in an instant. Before this, I didn’t often use full coverage concealers but this has indeed changed my mind about the whole thing. As it is lightweight and super flawless it doesn’t give that ‘full-on-face’ finish. Instead, it leaves you feeling radiant and ready to take on the day. Also, the littlest amount goes a long way. For a full in depth review, you can read my post here.

A newbie that I’m loving is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer*, and I’ve been dying to try this for ages. This formula is lighter weight than the Tarte one and is slightly less coverage, but this is more buildable for those who don’t like the fulestl coverage concealers, or like to build buy amoxil amoxicillin online them as as when they need to. When I put this on I don’t feel as if I’m wearing anything, as it doesn’t crease or move throughout the day. As I say, you can achieve a medium coverage with this, or it is buildable without having the cake. It gives an even and luminous coverage that has a demi-matte finish, and I only lightly dust loose powder to set as it has amazing staying power.

For the applicators, I personally prefer Tarte’s, simply because its larger and therefore a lot quicker to apply. However, the Urban Decay one is pretty great for down the nose, cupids bow, and all those harder to get areas.

For a weightless and full coverage drugstore option I love the Maybelline Age Rewind, which reminds me that I need to stock up. It’s quite similar in formula and texture to the Tarte one, and gives a creaseless and flawless finish that I crave. I was testing out the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer that I know so many people love, I do love the formula and results but I don’t feel I picked up quite the right shade for me. I like concealers to be a 2-in-1 highlighter and coverage, rather than just covering up dark circles. So maybe I’ll try it again in a lighter shade, because I totally understand the craze over the formula for such a bargain price.

What is your favourite type of concealer?

Megan ??


I’ve become a bit of a girly girl recently, more than usual, as I’ve been loving everything pink in sight. Rose pinks, baby bubblegum pinks and even bright pinks I just adore – they are too pretty to resist, right? I’ve collected together my current favourite and highly recommend pink products to show you my much-loved pops of pink.

First up I’m starting with the face and reminiscing over an old classic, Nars Orgasm Blush. We all know how hyped this product is and it’s simply because its so great. This lightweight but perfectly pigmented blush adds that bit of rosiness you need for a subtle natural glow, especially because of its gold flecks of glitter throughout the product. It adds just the right amount of sparkle. For a brighter pop of pink, one that gives you that ‘Winter-cold-fresh-glow’ look is the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Justify My Love. This blush is more on the matte side and perfect for those days you want some extra colour.

Speaking of a glow, I’ve got the perfect glowy pink products to help you illuminate and sparkle. The Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Aura is a beautiful light pink shade with a holographic finish; it’s so unique I’ve never seen anything quite like it. For added longevity and pop of glam the Benefit High Beam is the perfect base. I apply this with a damp beauty blender to the high points of my face.

For eyes I’ve got two palettes for the transition into Spring. The Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, an old favourite and must-have piece is the palette full with pink shades, ranging from mattes to shimmer and lights to darks. This palette is faultless in terms of formula, shade range and packaging as I’m sure buy priligy no prescription most of you are aware of with Urban Decay. A palette I’ve been using a hell of a lot recently has a tonne of gorgeous shades in the prettiest pink packaging, which is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. My god isn’t it a stunner? With this palette there is so much versatility with the looks you can create, with hot pinks, subtle browns and shimmery purples. The performance of these shadows is outstanding, which is why I use it often and the shades are so easy to blend. My favourites are Almond Truffle, Bordeaux and Cotton Candy.

This post wouldn’t be complete without adding some gorgeous pink lip shades in. I’ve had a handful of favourites for different finishes. For gloss I love to use the Urban Decay Revolution High-Colour Lipgloss in Liar, a subtle rose shade. You can add this gloss to many shades of lipsticks and liners, my favourite being MAC in Mehr or their liner in Whirl. For a matte finish, which I love the most, is ColourPop’s Ultra Matte in Clueless, a matte dusty mauve and for a brighter pop of pink we have Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Lume, a bright fuchsia pink. I love the formula of both of these and both give incredible pigmentation and full coverage. To pair with Clueless my favourite liner is MAC’s Soar (top), oh my it’s such a pretty pairing for a daytime pink mauve. Another liner that is great for a pink lip is MAC’s Whirl (bottom), which is a lot more versatile and can pair with many shades (I just wish these came in something other than a wooden pencil for smoothness).

I’m all pinked out!

What pop’s of colour are you using right now?

Megan ??


When I have a flawless base, I always feel more than ready to slay the day. It took me a while to find the right products and also what products work wonders together, but I’ve finally nailed it and I’m so happy with the results right now. I’ve got a whole range of products here, including skincare and makeup, and also cater for different base finishes, as I like to switch it up.

Starting with skincare there are two products that I always reach for that I know encourage that flawless base. First up is the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot, which is a beautiful hydrating serum that I mix in with my moisturiser. This little dream of a product helps add radiance and nourishment to keep your skin hydrated all day. The moisturiser of choice I add this to is also a product I use to achieve my fuss-free flawless base, which is the Origins GinZing Moisturiser. This is by far my favourite; its super lightweight yet gives you a burst of moisture. These two don’t leave any oiliness either so you can begin with makeup application right away.

Of course, this couldn’t be a ‘flawless skin’ post without mentioning my newest favourite, the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat Blur Primer – a must if I’m going for the unblemished skin look. This primer blurs imperfections whilst at the same time giving luminosity to the skin – an incredible primer to help your makeup last and last.

Now, I’ve got three very different coverage and finishes here. However, I do always apply them the same way with a damp beauty blender. Starting with my favourite and most used of the moment, a medium coverage and dewy finish. I get this by using the L’Oreal True Match Foundation, which is a lightweight buy generic amoxil super blendable foundation that is formulated with ingredients to colour match your skin tone and texture. I love this for everyday as it gives a buildable coverage and lasts amazingly for a drugstore foundation. If you love dewiness but opt for a lighter coverage then the Urban Decay One & Done Foundation would be the one for you. Its formula is more like a BB cream but with added coverage, as it’s easy to wear this skin perfecting foundation alone – it just looks like your skin but ‘better’.

If you want a full coverage to night-time glam I have been obsessing with a certain combination. It’s the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick for contouring. The foundation itself has received many mixed reviews, but I was thrilled to find it worked really well with my skin. It has a matte full coverage but doesn’t give the ‘flatness’ that some can give, and it does last all night. I love this for perfecting your skin and giving the ultimate flawless coverage. The MUFE HD Stick is one I picked up for contouring so it’s a lot darker than my skin tone, and I love this for cream contour. You only need a tiny amount for the right effect. I would love to try this in my skin tone to see what it’s like for a full face of foundation.

To set the foundation of choice I always go for the Nars Light Relfecting Loose Setting Powder. I never bake with this as it can be quite heavy, but I tend to set by concealed/highlighted areas with this before continuing with bronzer, blush and highlighter. It’s gorgeous for flash photography to.

What products are your recommendations for a flawless base?

Megan ??



Urban Decay have gone and done it again, with another must-have gorgeous palette fit for everyone. This Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette* is one half of their Urban Decay, there’s no more need to feel guilty in bringing multiple lipsticks in your handbag either as you can bring them all in one compact case. And with 12 stunning shades, this palette will fill all of your desires.


It is now so easy to switch up your lipstick on the go, from neutrals to reds and even forest greens and funky purples, this palette has it all going on. The UD Vice lipsticks have the most incredible formula, and I got hooked when Gwen Stefani dropped her range with them. I mean they’re the creamiest I’ve ever used, and never ever budge so you don’t have to constantly keep reapplying. They don’t bleed or transfer either, they will be your best friend for life.



I absoltely adore the mirrored packaging with the slogan ‘lipstick is my vice’ engarved onto a lid before the beautiful array of lipsticks. Also, it comes with it’s own respectable lip brush, which actually does a really good job in comparison to most.

To give diversity and for the palette to suit all, the lipsticks come in an array of finishes including Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. Even the mattes are super order accutane cheap moisturising, and all of them swipe across your lips like silk.


Top Row L-R


Bottom Row L-R

  • Disturbed – deep brick red – comfort matte
  • 714 – bright red – mega matte
  • Carnal – medium warm nude – comfort matte
  • Safe Word – neutral nude-pink – comfort matte
  • Studded – metallic gray-brown – metallized
  • Whip – soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer – sheer shimmer
  • Wraith – metallic red – metallized
  • Big Bang – bright pink sparkle – metallized
  • Firebird – deep fuchsia – cream
  • Vanity Kills – lavender – mega matte
  • Speedball – deep vibrant purple – cream
  • Junkie – metallic green shimer with gold micro-sparkle – metallized

A lipstick palette is something I’d reach for to take on travels with me or on the go, as it’s so simple to touch up or change your lip colour. However, if I’m stuck on one particular shade or just don’t want to carry something quite big with me then I stick to the single bullet. But, I am totally loving this right now.

If you want to get your hands on this you’ll need to be quick as it’s a holiday limited edition product to House of Fraser and UD Boutiques in the UK. It retails for £31.50.

What would be your favourite shade from the Junkie palette?

Megan ??


Limited Edition Urban Decay Palette

It’s that time again… another eye shadow palette that I’m absolutely loving. I have a huge obsession with palettes, but they’re just so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing it’s very hard to resist. Urban Decay palettes are always killing it with eye shadow palettes, so the Urban Decay XX
Vice Reloaded Palette*
was of course going to be something I love.

This palette is ultra limited edition and features 20 addictive shades that span over and represent the entire 20-year history of Urban Decay. So of course, every single shadow was going to be out of this world. There are shades from the vintage old school shades like Gash, to brand new shadows in their collection. There are also 3 brand new shades, so this really is something special. A bit of everything is in this palette, from bright gold’s and greens to muted down must-have nudes and browns. As there is so much to choose from, you can almost dapoxetine online create any desired look with a huge range of finishes.

As expected, every single shade has amazing pigmentation and staying power that is super easy to blend. My favourites being Laced and Suspend for the crease, Goldmine and Freakshow as lid shades and Smog being a great one for the outer corner. The palette is so versatile so it would suit anyone’s

If you’re on the go or love to take palettes travelling, this one is a winner as it comes in a beautiful jewel-inlaid black case with a huge mirror and a double-ended brush. I don’t usually use the brushes that come with eye palettes, however this one has an incredible blending brush on one end that is up there with my most used blending brushes now.

Want to shop this product and more of the Urban Decay bestsellers? Click here, you won’t regret it!

What Urban Decay products are your favourites?

Megan ??